Nexcare: Our First Aid Kit for the Next Adventure

Sunday, March 15, 2020

     Kids these days will choose gadgets over playing outside and it’s something to worry about. I miss the old days where kids are physically active like there’s no tomorrow- running here and there, climbing up, sliding down and cycling all around. These activities are good for the body but can be worrisome for moms because little accidents can happen anytime.

     Kenzo loves to ride his bike during playtime and frequently gets a minor scratch. It’s part of biking and I rest assured that it will be taken care of because I have a no-fuss first aid kit from Nexcare- a brand offering complete solutions for household and personal healthcare. I presume that some of you have heard or seen this brand already or have used a product or two. Their first-aid solutions are hospital proven thus prides itself with premium design, superior performance and advanced technology applied in every product. By being the wound care expert, Nexcare is able to provide parents a peace of mind and healthy confidence in their home. More information about Nexcare products after the jump :)

Nexcare: Our First Aid Kit for the Next Adventure

     Parents have a fair share of fear and worries on their child's growing up adventure. Worry no more because Nexcare is here to help you and your child create special memories in life including those little scratches with their products that provide protection and comfort from minor injuries. They have a huge variety of bandages specially formulated for a wide array of uses. I like that aside from the conventional ones, they also have waterproof counterparts that make wound care a breeze. Sharing what's inside our Nexcare First Aid Kit essentials below:

Nexcare: Our First Aid Kit for the Next Adventure

Nexcare Products

A. Wound Care

1. Nexcare Tegaderm Waterproof Transparent Film Dressing
  • Thin and clear film dressings that can be used to cover and protect abrasions, cuts, minor burns, scalds, and post-surgical incisions.
  • Not only does it seal out water, dirt, and germs to help prevent infection, but is also easy to apply and remove.
  • It stays on in bath and showers, yet is gentle on skin.

2. Nexcare Non-Stick Pads
  • Highly absorbent non-stick pads that wick fluids away from a wound while protecting it from dirt and germs. 
  • The pad won’t fray or tear & is breathable for exceptional comfort for cuts, minor burns, abrasions, and scrapes.
  • These pads are hypoallergenic and made from latex-free materials.

3. Nexcare Clear Bandages
  • Breathable protection in a basic strip.
  • Clear color blends with the skin.

4. Nexcare Tan Bandages
  • Breathable protection.
  • Blends with skin.

5. Nexcare Micropore First Aid Paper Tape
  • A lightweight, breathable paper tape ideal for securing bandages or dressings that must be changed frequently and on sensitive skin. 
  • Ouchless removal.
  • Hypoallergenic.
  • Little to no sticky residue.
  • It is the most popular paper tape in hospitals that is gentle to the skin.

Nexcare: Our First Aid Kit for the Next Adventure

B. Protection and Comfort

1. Nexcare Hygienic Earloop Mask
  • Confidently take care of your loved ones at home with the help of the Nexcare Earloop Mask. Featuring a lightweight, triple-layer design, this earloop mask filters greater than 99% of exhaled bacteria.
  • Reduces exposure to body fluids.
  • No-tie construction for easy on, easy off.
  • Folds expand for full coverage from the top of the nose to underneath chin.
  • Nose piece along the top of the mask allows for a customized fit.
  • Lightweight, breathable material.
  • Ideal for home health care use; infant and elderly care.
  • Disposable.

2. Nexcare Cooling Fever Patch for Kids and Babies
  • Natural cold therapy treatment.
  • Reduced fever naturally.
  • Menthol aroma.
  • Easy to use.
  • Fits kids and babies forehead. 

Nexcare: Our First Aid Kit for the Next Adventure

     We have an afternoon routine of doing physical activities outside our house and that includes cycling, running, walking, and playing badminton. Most afternoons, my son prefers riding his bike while I, on the other hand, join him by running or walking. Even though Kenzo has mastered how to ride his bike, there were times that accidents happen. He gets a minor scratch on his knees or legs because of a tiny fall after an unexpected turn of his bike and can be worrisome but I'm always chill coz I have wound care essential with me that's handy like this Nexcare Tan Bandage. 

Nexcare: Our First Aid Kit for the Next Adventure

     Indeed, when your child is protected with Nexcare, no wound or scratch can stop them from playing and having fun again even after they fall. So go ahead mommies, let our kids play and have fun under the sun. Fret not of minor cuts, wounds, and scratches because they're part of growing up and when these little accidents happen, Nexcare products are here to the rescue! With Nexcare First Aid Kit, you surely are #ReadyForTheNexAdventure.

Do you have a first aid kit at home?

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