4 Types of Footwear That Should Be in Your Closet

Friday, March 13, 2020

     Even if you live on a tight budget, it pays to select wardrobe items that will take you just about anywhere. That’s also true when it comes to selecting footwear. Along with making sure you purchase higher quality footwear like Keen shoes, always have these four types of shoes on hand. Doing so will make it possible to be ready for just about every occasion.

4 Types of Footwear That Should Be in Your Closet
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The Classic Pump

     This will be your go-to for many settings. A basic black pump works well with most types of business attire. You can also wear them when your plans include a meal at a higher-end restaurant or some sort of formal party. They will also look nice at a number of social events like an afternoon or evening wedding reception. 

     If owning a single pair of pumps right now is the best you can manage, do go with a closed rather than an open toe. Also, select a heel that’s tall enough to accentuate the lines of your legs but also low enough to be comfortable. Remember to check the cushioning as well, especially if the plan is to wear the pumps for most of your workday. 

A Comfortable Set of Flats

     A nice set of flats will also take you to quite a few places. There are flats that are dressy enough for a business casual setting. Those same flats will work well when you’re out for the day wearing your favorite pair of jeans with a nice top. Do make sure that the flats chosen have a reasonable amount of cushioning. They should also allow enough room in the toe box to prevent pinching.

A Pair of Sandals

     Sandals are essential for warm weather. If you go with a higher-end brand, they will also provide quite a bit of arch support. That’s great since your feet and legs are less likely to be tired after spending several hours walking. One option to consider closely is looking for Birkenstock shoes for sale online. Know for comfort and durability, a set of Birkenstocks will last you for years and still look terrific. 

Walking or Running Shoes

     You do need some type of athletic shoe for those evening runs or walks. Go with something that reduces pressure on your legs as you walk or run on asphalt or concrete. The material should allow for a reasonable amount of air circulation as well as plenty of arch support. A pair of higher-quality running shoes will protect your feet while out walking and even when you’re working out in the gym. 

     While there are other types of footwear that you should own, these four will cover most occasions. Add in something that’s appropriate for winter wear and possibly something that’s ideal for activities like camping and you’ll be set. Take your time and find higher quality options rather than settling for inferior and possibly less expensive shoes. In the long run, paying a little more for something that holds up well to regular use will be a more cost-effective solution.

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