Nexcare: Our First Aid Kit for the Next Adventure

Sunday, March 15, 2020

     Kids these days will choose gadgets over playing outside and it’s something to worry about. I miss the old days where kids are physically active like there’s no tomorrow- running here and there, climbing up, sliding down and cycling all around. These activities are good for the body but can be worrisome for moms because little accidents can happen anytime.

     Kenzo loves to ride his bike during playtime and frequently gets a minor scratch. It’s part of biking and I rest assured that it will be taken care of because I have a no-fuss first aid kit from Nexcare- a brand offering complete solutions for household and personal healthcare. I presume that some of you have heard or seen this brand already or have used a product or two. Their first-aid solutions are hospital proven thus prides itself with premium design, superior performance and advanced technology applied in every product. By being the wound care expert, Nexcare is able to provide parents a peace of mind and healthy confidence in their home. More information about Nexcare products after the jump :)

Nexcare: Our First Aid Kit for the Next Adventure


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