4 Exercises You Can Do Any Time That You Like

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

     One of the reasons that many people give for not working out has to do with time. The issue is not so much the actual workout, but the amount of time invested in getting to and from the gym. One way to resolve that problem is to set up a workout area in your home. By investing in a plyo box and a few other basics, it’s easy to put together a half-hour workout that you can whenever you like. Here are some exercises to include in that home workout.

4 Exercises You Can Do Any Time That You Like
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     Push-ups are great for the upper body, the stomach muscles, and even the thighs and upper legs. All you need is one of the mats for fitness that provide enough cushioning to perform the push-ups comfortably. Make sure the mat you choose is both long and wide enough so your hands and legs aren’t hanging over an edge. 


     Sit-ups are also a great way to tone your core. There are several different positions you can try. One is to lie prone on the mat and slowly lift your upper body into an upright position. You can also use the plyo box as a prop for your legs and sit up until your elbows touch the knees. If you like, there are also sit-up boards that provide enough slant to increase the resistance. Try all these strategies and see which ones seem to work best for you. 

Jumping Rope

     This type of workout is one of the simplest and also happens to be a lot of fun. Stand on the mat so that some of the shocks are absorbed each time that you jump. At first, pay closer attention to your form and less on how many repetitions you do. Once you’re happy with the way you’re jumping rope, you can extend the amount of time that you spend on this exercise. Along the way, you’ll notice that it helps provide a great cardiovascular workout as well as toning muscles in the legs and buttocks. 


     You really don’t need any equipment to perform squats, with the possible exception of the mat that you’re already using. Stand in a position that has your shoulders and your feet at about the same distance. Keeping your back straight, begin to bend the knees until you’re in a full squat. Hold that position for a short count of five or then, then return to a standing position. 

     Some people prefer to extend their arms while performing squats. Try extending your arms in front of you or to each side and see if either seems to help you retain your balance with greater ease. If not, you can always place your hands on each hip and leave them there for the duration of those squats. 

     These are only a few options to help you get started. Over time, you’ll likely want to add weights and other equipment to the mix. Remember to not overdo things at first. When you notice that one exercise is getting a little too easy, you can add more repetitions or possibly add some weights to increase the resistance. Keep with the program and you’ll be surprised at how much better you feel after a couple of months.


  1. Wow, these are great exercises that I can do whenever I am traveling.


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