Feature: CEB Wi-Fi Kit

Friday, July 26, 2019

     I always tell my husband that I'm not good at directions so if you don't want to get lost, don't bother asking me "how to get there?" or "are we near this or that place?" especially when traveling abroad.  Reading guide maps don't help at all that's why a stable internet connection is our best friend when we visit a foreign land.

     If you are a first-timer abroad or you're a frequent flyer, staying connected is now a must-have in every traveler’s journey. According to Ms. Candice Iyog, Cebu Pacific Vice President for Marketing and Distribution, "we have looked into how we may delight our passengers further and make more moments happen on their travels so no more #FOMO for Cebu Pacific passengers with the launch of CEB WiFi Kit. One of the essentials that a traveler must have to access the internet anytime, anywhere. More about the CEB WiFi Kit after the jump :)

Feature: CEB Wi-Fi Kit

CEB Wi-Fi Kit

     The CEB Wi-Fi Kit is a cost-efficient and convenient alternative to buying temporary SIM cards or renting WiFi kits at foreign destinations. It is a 4G LTE Pocket WiFi, a rentable, portable hotspot, for those who need roaming and web access services throughout their trip. Here are the key features:
  • In partnership with Big Sky Nation, the CEB WiFi Kit allows travelers to enjoy unlimited data roaming with up to 4G/LTE speeds in over 100 countries. 
  • Connect to up to five devices.
  • Functions as a power bank.
  • CEB Wi-Fi Kit is only available for passengers flying from Manila at NAIA Terminal 3 to any CEB destination in Asia except Brunei and the UAE.

Feature: CEB Wi-Fi Kit

What's inside the CEB W-Fi Kit?

     The CEB Wi-Fi Kit comes with a hard-shell case, a USB cable, an embedded battery pack, and a user manual.

Feature: CEB Wi-Fi Kit

How much is the rental fee of CEB Wi-Fi Kit?

     Daily rental depends on the destination and how long the device will be needed, plus a refundable security deposit of PHP4,000. Zone 1- P450 a day- CEB destinations in Asia (except Brunei and the United Arab Emirates) while Zone 2- P550 a day- CEB destinations in Australia and Guam, plus other countries outside the CEB network.

Feature: CEB Wi-Fi Kit
CEB WiFi Kit booth located before the boarding gates at the NAIA Terminal 3

How to rent CEB Wi-Fi Kit

     In its pilot phase, the CEB Wi-Fi Kit is available for flights departing at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. Passengers may rent devices at the CEB WiFi Kit booth located before the boarding gates at the NAIA Terminal 3, up to one hour before the scheduled time of departure. Fill out the form completely with your personal and flight details then the assistant will show what's inside the kit and how to operate the device. She will also give instructions on how to manage your connections and how to return the kit.

Feature: CEB Wi-Fi Kit
     For returns, proceed to their booth at Bay 8 in the Arrival area of NAIA Terminal 3. The booth is unmanned so all you have to do is drop the device inside the designated area. There's a small opening on the top of the table where you will drop the device and will slide inside until it reaches the bottom of the table.

Feature: CEB Wi-Fi Kit
Return booth outside the Arrival area of NAIA Terminal 3

CEB Wi-Fi Kit Experience

     Last June 11, 2019, we went to Singapore for my son's birthday celebration. It was a work/short vacation trip that's why I needed a fast and reliable internet connection during our stay. I'm glad that Cebu Pacific has this type of portable wifi kit for rent that I can easily bring to our chosen destination. It's a plus that my husband got to connect his mobile phone while my son was also able to play online games during our free time.

     The connection is fast and it's unlimited. I did not have a hard time posting updates real time on my social meda accounts. It's also easy to use and doubles as a powerbank too. Talk about convenience in one powerful device. Planning to get a pocket wi-fi for your week-long trip abroad? With the CEB Wi-fi Kit, you can get one FREE day pass for every 5 days pass purchased. And so if you’re traveling for 6 days (5 + 1), your 6th day is FREE of charge! Promo runs until Jan 31, 2020.

For more information about the CEB WiFi Kit,
 visit www.cebupacificair.com.

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  1. Hello.. I noticed you mentioned that the return kiosk was unmanned.. In that case, I was wondering where you could get the 4000php deposit refund?


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