Feature: CEB Meals

Sunday, July 28, 2019

     Our flight back to Manila was squeezed in between breakfast and lunch that’s why I decided to include pre-ordered meals which I booked together with our tickets. While browsing the website, I noticed that Cebu Pacific has new menu offerings, with vegetarian options and an array of snacks ad meals that include Asian cuisines. 

     Cebu Pacific showcases Asian Flavors in its new pre-ordered meals for snacks and meals that include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean delights. Each meal is offered P250 and upon seeing the selection, I was relieved that some viands are our favorites. Sharing CEB Meals viands we ate during our flight back home inside Cebu Pacific Aircraft. 

Feature: CEB Meals

     There's a lot of choices like Beef Bulgogi, Kung Pao Chicken Noodles, Fried Rice with Dumpling, Lechon Turnover, Seafood Quiche and more. So yes, no more rushing to the airport in order for us to eat after getting our board passes and checking-in our luggage because there is real food waiting inside the plane.

1. Beef Bulgogi (contains soy and gluten)

     This is their best-seller as of the moment. A Korean dish made from marinated beef strips in a sweet and savory mixture of soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, and pepper served with steamed rice. This is the order of the hubby on our way to Singapore. I asked him if it passes his palate, and the answer I got is a yes. 

Feature: CEB Meals
Beef Bulgogi

2. Fried Rice with Dumplings (contains soy, gluten, poultry, eggs, shellfish)

     If you love Chinese food, this latest addition to CEB Meals will surely delight your tastebuds. Enjoy the deep-fried pork dumplings served with Chinese style fried rice with egg and vegetable. Hubby's meal on our way back to Manila. He told me that dumpling lovers will like the mixture of sweet and salty taste that compliments the rice, tofu, and vegetable on the side.

Feature: CEB Meals
Fried Rice with Dumplings

3. Kung Pao Chicken Noodles (contains soy, gluten, poultry, eggs)

     This is one of the meals that I ordered for sharing in case one of us gets hungry after eating our lunch while onboard. A Chinese classic that is comforting to eat.  I like the sauce of chicken, not too sweet and has a little salty taste. It's one filling meal that pasta lovers should try.

Feature: CEB Meals
Kung Pao Chicken Noodles

4. Lechon Turnover (contains gluten, dairy, pork, egg)

     A highly recommended snack that is savory and filling. Who doesn't love Cebu Lechon? We all do! This is my onboard meal and I just love it! Puff pastry filled with the famous Cebu style Lechon which is cooked with local herbs and spices. The pastry crust is flaky and buttery and compliments the Lechon filling. Yum!!!

Feature: CEB Meals
Lechon Turnover

5. Seafood Quiche (soy, gluten, eggs, dairy, seafood)

     My mom's meal that made her love this kind of dish. It's her first time to eat quiche and as a pastry lover, she said it tastes good. This is a baked egg tart filled with crab and fish meat with a crispy outer crust.

Feature: CEB Meals
Seafood Quiche

How to order CEB Meals:
  • As add-ons on your online booking. Pre-order your meals and save up to PHP50. 
  • Ceb meals are available for pre-order up to 24 hours before your flight. 
  • You may order up to two meals per domestic or short-haul flight and up to four meals per long-haul flight. 
  • All meals are HALAL.

     What's your favorite? This post is making me hungry! How I wish I can order this online. Hahaha! But you can during your travels with Cebu Pacific Air :) Add-on a CEB Meal and have a wonderful flight!

For more information about the CEB Meals,
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  1. Sarap! Lalo ung Ku g Pao at Beef Bulgogi! Maeenjoy mo ang trip sa eroplano pa lang

    1. Hi Queen A,

      Yes, ang sarap! Nainggit nga ako kay hubby kasi yung Beef Bulgogi kay hubby lang.

  2. wow ang sasarap naman ng Ceb meals...😋😋😋 I'm sure masayang biahe pag sumakay kay cebu pacific.

    1. Hi Atheena,

      Yes! Shempre busog ka na and di ka magugutom especially if mahaba yung flight hours mo.


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