Jack ‘n Jill My BFF (Baon Favorites Forever)

Saturday, June 08, 2019

     It's back to school again. After shopping for school supplies last May and early June, now is the time for the kiddos to see their friends, meet new teachers and have fun in class. The kids are also looking forward to seeing what's inside their lunchbox because I believe that snack time is one of their favorite time in school.

     As for me and the hubby, this is the time to wake up early, prepare breakfast, and make sure that Kenzo is ready for school. This is also the time where we will resume our grocery shopping for his baon. My son likes biscuits and cakes that's why we got giddy when the latest baon bundle from Jack ‘n Jill BFF (Baon Favorites Forever) arrived in our doorstep. Meet our new BFF after the jump!

Jack ‘n Jill My BFF (Baon Favorites Forever)

Magical Mondays with Magic Chips

     This is one of Kenzo's favorites from Jack 'n Jill snacks- a savory and crunchy baked treat has the power to transform any ordinary Monday morning into something magical and is the perfect baon to jumpstart the school year.

Celebrate every day with Quake Overload

     Back-to-back classes can get really tiring for the kids. However, you can instantly lift up their spirits by turning every day into a celebration of achievements - both big and small. With Quake Overload Mocha Butter’s layers of delicious butter cake, delectable mocha filling, and yummy chocolate drizzle, your kids will have the energy to go forth and conquer any challenge.

Midweek sweet treats with Dewberry

     Hard work must always be paid off with a delicious treat. Reward your kids with this extra indulgent cream-filled cookie sandwich whenever they finish their homework early or make their own beds. Remember, it’s the little things that count. You can switch things up and surprise them by packing different flavors of Dewberry in their lunch box. They deserve it!

Create special bonds with Presto Creams

     School isn’t just about learning new things. It’s also about starting new friendships and creating memorable experiences. Teach your children the value of sharing by putting an extra pack of Presto in their bags. Since these well-loved yummy, peanut butter cream-filled cookies are best enjoyed with a buddy, your kids will easily be making new friends in no time!

Fuel creativity and imagination with Jack ‘n Jill Knots

     Arts and crafts are one of the best ways to bring out your child’s creative skills and resourcefulness. Inspire them to explore beyond their imagination and create their own adventures with Jack ‘n Jill Knots. These crunchy sweet-coated pretzels come in cute shapes and assorted flavors, making them the perfect snack partner to get those creative juices flowing.

Fun Fridays with the chocolatey Cream-O

     End the school week on a high note by treating your kids (and yourself!) to the luscious chocolate cookie sandwiches of Cream-O! A week’s worth of work and activities is enough excuse to indulge all your sweet tooth cravings. Just a bite into this biscuit will fill your Fridays with good vibes and make you and your children’s choco-loving hearts skip a beat!

Weekend playtime with Wafrets

     Weekends are made for spending time and hanging out with family and friends. Whether it’s in your plans to binge-watch favorite family flicks or play board games with your kids, it’s always a good idea to pair these family activities with Wafrets snacks. This winning combination of crunchy wafers and delicious cream filling will definitely make the family time incredibly more enjoyable.

Jack ‘n Jill My BFF (Baon Favorites Forever)

     Make every day of the week extra fun for your kids with Jack ‘n Jill’s biscuits and cakes. With its new My BFF (Baon Favorites Forever) Bundle, you can take your pick from the variety of baon combinations available. Get them at your nearest Puregold, Robinsons, Shopwise, Waltermart, Gaisano Grand, and NCCC branches nationwide starting this June.


  1. mukhang makaka save sa bundle na to. Next week pa ang pasukan at nagreready nako ng pambaon lalo dalawa na mging student ko. Fave time ko noon ang snacks time hehe kaya sa mga kids now looking forward din kng anong inihandang meryenda for them. Masarap for me ang magic chips cheese or sour cream n onion 😊

    1. Hi Lovell,

      yes! yung free kaya laki na ng save mo. Pwede na pang-baon ng ilang araw din. Hahaha! Oo hirap mag-isip din ng merienda diba? Fave ni Kenzo yung cheese flavor.


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