Jack 'n Jill My BFF (Baon Favorites Forever)

Jack ‘n Jill My BFF (Baon Favorites Forever)

Saturday, June 08, 2019

     It's back to school again. After shopping for school supplies last May and early June, now is the time for the kiddos to see their friends, meet new teachers and have fun in class. The kids are also looking forward to seeing what's inside their lunchbox because I believe that snack time is one of their favorite time in school.

     As for me and the hubby, this is the time to wake up early, prepare breakfast, and make sure that Kenzo is ready for school. This is also the time where we will resume our grocery shopping for his baon. My son likes biscuits and cakes that's why we got giddy when the latest baon bundle from Jack ‘n Jill BFF (Baon Favorites Forever) arrived in our doorstep. Meet our new BFF after the jump!

Jack ‘n Jill My BFF (Baon Favorites Forever)


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