A Brief Look at Buying Travel Medical Insurance

Saturday, June 22, 2019

     Regardless of whether you are taking a short break or a trip around the world you need good quality travel insurance. Without it you run the risk of being stranded or worse falling sick or getting injured and not being able to afford to see a doctor. As you will see finding the right policy for you is actually not that hard. You just need to take your time, do your research, and follow the tips below.

A Brief Look at Buying Travel Medical Insurance

Start with the firms you trust

     If you or people you know well have had a good experience with a specific travel insurance firm, start there. It is better to use a company you already and know and trust when you can. But, be aware that things change. For example, SafeTrip International Travel Medical Insurance was formerly MEDEX. 

     You need to bear in mind that the travel insurance industry is in a fairly constant state of flux. This means that, over time, the wording of policies and the type of coverage that is on offer changes.So, regardless of which firm you choose double-check what is covered. Never just assume that because something was included in your policy the last time you used them it will be now.

Make sure the activities you are planning to do are covered

     Some activities will not be covered by your travel insurance. Should you get injured while doing one of them, you will likely have to cover your own medical bills.

     However, for a small additional fee, most firms will cover you for the activities you want to enjoy. The wisest course of action is to ask. It is also best to check the level of cover that is offered. For example, some policies cover the cost of treatment for injuries sustained while skiing. But, not necessarily the costs of getting you off the mountain. If that involves a helicopter the bill is likely to be substantial.

Be honest when filling out the application form

     The biggest mistake people make when buying travel medical insurance is not being honest when filling out their application. When you are asked to list pre-existing conditions and medications you need to do so in full. If you do not do so and fall ill you may not be fully covered. In the worst-case scenario, you can end up not being able to return to your home country because you cannot afford to pay for a medical evacuation yourself.

Consider buying annual coverage

     In a lot of cases, buying an annual policy is the cheapest option. It can make sense even if you are only planning to take a few short trips during any given year.

Buy when you book your trip

     Many travelers do not buy their travel insurance until just before they are due to travel. This is especially the case with people who buy annual coverage. But, it can turn out to be a costly mistake.

     If you get sick before your trip and have to cancel your coverage may not have started yet. So, getting a refund for your tickets and accommodation is not likely to be possible. Therefore, if your policy includes trip cancellation be sure to buy it well before you are due to travel.

Use a checklist

     Our last tip is to write out a checklist and use it when shopping for travel insurance. That way you will not forget to ask an important question. You can find some really good ones on travel blogger sites.

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