Construction Commotion - How to Avoid Neighbourhood Tensions

Tuesday, April 09, 2019

     None of us like to cause upset. Especially when it comes to upsetting our neighbors. We try to be respectful of other people’s space and property, and we try to help people whenever we can. And we do it with a smile. Every so often, however, all eyes are on us when we must unavoidably plunge the neighborhood into noise and mayhem during home renovations. 

     The big trucks arrive early. The builders shout to each other from one end of the property to the other. The sawing machines and drilling machines and the cement mixers and the smaller noises from handheld tools all add up to a deafening din. There’s no getting away from it. This is going to be loud and annoying until it’s done. So, how can we avoid raising tensions with our neighbors? Here’s how:

Construction Commotion - How to Avoid Neighbourhood Tensions

Put up a Sign

     A picture paints a thousand words, they say. And a customized sign can paint that picture with the addition a few very useful words - such as expected start and end dates. Not only will a sign indicate to your neighbors that you are aware of the noise problem and you are doing your best to let everybody know when they can expect the noise to end, but you could put up a sign to warn visitors that heavy vehicles and heavy foot traffic (as well as the potential for flying debris) are likely in this area and that they may wish to park elsewhere. 

Get Ready to Smooth Things Over

     Have a few sentences ready in your mind to call upon when stopped by inquisitive neighbors. Explain above all else that the value of your home will increase following the completion of the renovation/extension work and that this will benefit the selling price of other houses in the neighborhood. Perhaps mention that you got a great deal and offer the details of your building contractors should your neighbors wish to undertake similar work. Try your best to make the commotion of construction sound as if your neighbors will - or could - stand to benefit from your efforts.

The Charm Offensive 

     People are the same all over the world - we all respond to generosity. Why? Because generosity leads to loyalty, and loyalty tends to pay off. That’s why you should consider handing out gift baskets to your neighbors if you know that building work is going to take a long time. Stick to the basics, of course, no need to hand out diamond jewelry and memberships to the local golf course. Select some relatively inexpensive preserves and other sharable treats (jam, honey, marmalade, chocolates) and perhaps throw in a small bottle of white, red, or rosé wine. Spend some time writing individual notes to each of your neighbors and include the greeting card with your basket. Explain on the note that you are very sorry for any disruption caused, and thank your neighbor for their ongoing understanding while the work is completed. This simple act of kindness will help to make people feel valued, and that means no hard feelings.

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