Why Women Choose to Freeze their Eggs by: Chris Barry

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

     Being a woman in the modern world means assuming many roles. Most of us want as much as we can get out of life, satisfying careers that challenge us, successful marriages, happy families, and continued good health. 

     Many career-oriented women choose to review all of their options when it comes to starting a family. Part of this exploration process means understanding that a woman's ability to bear children decreases with time. For a small but growing subset of the population, this knowledge has led them to take proactive steps to help keep their options open for as long as they deem necessary.

Why Women Choose to Freeze their Eggs by: Chris Barry
Fertility Treatment

     One avenue available to women today is to undergo fertility procedures. Some people need them just to get pregnant, however, more and more women are choosing to undergo fertility preservation procedures in order to better concentrate on their careers. This gives them the breathing room they need to focus on career advancement early in life and get established in their professions before pursuing a family. Some women choose to go this route because they haven't yet found a suitable life partner. For roughly one-half of the world's population, a potential solution to this issue is to freeze their eggs. 

Limited Eggs 

     Many scientists believe that a woman is born with all the eggs she'll ever have in life. As she ages, these eggs can become damaged. When she's ready to have children, she only has a set number of eggs that are able to be fertilized. In order to head off this issue, a new procedure has arisen; freezing eggs. Freezing eggs is done by harvesting a woman's eggs directly from her body. She first takes medicine that triggers an increased supply of eggs which are then removed from her body. Then, when she feels she’s ready she can later have the eggs fertilized by her partner, have them implanted, and conceive this way. 

New Choices 

     For a variety of reasons, females across the globe are deciding to freeze their eggs in increasing numbers. For most, the reality is they haven't found the right life partner yet. They may have boyfriends, but regard marriage as a huge commitment that must be entered into with great care. As they date, many know they may want to start a family at some point but that time is not now. So for those with the time and money, freezing their eggs can make a lot of sense. 

Being Single 

     Women who are single and have been for a long time may find this option particularly useful. They may have had many relationships over the years but not yet found a man they choose to share the rest of their lives with. By freezing their eggs these women are holding out hope they’ll one day find someone they want to have a baby with. Many fear they might be regretful were they to finally find the right guy but then be unable to have children because they waited too late in life to get pregnant.

Health Issues 

     Another reason why some women choose to have their eggs frozen has to do with pre-existing health conditions. Certain conditions can vastly impair a woman's ability to conceive and make it more likely she'll need to consider such procedures once she decides to have children anyway. Endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome and fibroids can be apparent years before she tries to conceive. As more women learn about these conditions they are becoming increasingly aware of how they can negatively impact their lives. In response, some of those afflicted are choosing to take steps to ward off the possible impact of their inability to conceive before age and such conditions make it even harder for them. 

The Right Choice 

     In short, when a woman opts to freeze her eggs she's choosing a positive, proactive plan for her future. She’s still able to set ambitious career goals and reach for them, but can also build her family when she knows the time is right for this kind of commitment.


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