Korean Drama Classics Now on HOOQ

Monday, September 10, 2018

     Hello dearies! I was feeling sleepy already but when I read in my email that Korean Drama Classics is now on HOOQ, my mind suddenly woke up. I was like, "K-drama marathon na this!" You can now watch yours truly at Winter Sonata (they said I look like Choi Ji Woo (hahaha!), Jewel in the Palace, and other Korean titles dubbed in Tagalog.

     And because HOOQ caters to every interest of its audience. There is no doubt that the Korean wave or hallyu is one of Korea’s biggest exports. These days, KDrama is very much an important part of Filipino pop culture. For your information, before the current wave of popular Korean dramas, there were the classics such as Autumn in my Heart, Jewel in the Palace, Winter Sonata, Dong Yi, Queen Seon Deok and Full House.

Korean Drama Classics Now on HOOQ
Winter Sonata

     These dramas, which helped pave the way for the Korean wave, can be streamed in their Tagalized versions on HOOQ, including Full House which will premiere on HOOQ on September 20. Autumn in my Heart and Winter Sonata are bittersweet love stories while Dong Yi and Queen Seon Deok go back in history to tell two very interesting stories.

Korean Drama Classics Now on HOOQ
Full House

     Jewel in the Palace is one of the highest rated Korean dramas of all time. It was later exported to 91 countries, including the Philippines, and has earned $103.4 million worldwide. It is the story of a woman who was orphaned and became a cook and later on, the king’s first female physician.

Korean Drama Classics Now on HOOQ
Jewel in the Palace

     Sheila Paul, HOOQ Philippines Country Manager, said, “Korean dramas have captured a global audience and we see it resonate deeply with the Filipinos. This is the reason we are bringing the Korean titles that started the craze in the Philippines to our HOOQ subscribers, dubbed in the language closest to their hearts.”

     Aside from Korean titles, HOOQ also has content from Indonesia, Thailand and India, including The Teacher’s Diary, Pee Mak, Ong Bak and Critical Eleven.

     It’s easy to get HOOQ’d. Customers can simply download the HOOQ app from Apple Store or Google Play, sign up or log in, to access HOOQ’s library of top Hollywood and Asian hits anytime, anywhere and on any device including computers, smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, and smart TVs via Google Chromecast and all Apple devices. Globe customers can get to try HOOQ for up to 60 days on selected mobile and broadband plans. Find out more and sign up today for a complimentary trial at www.hooq.tv.


  1. I am hooked on K-Drama, I can't stop lol. I watched via netflix. My favorite so far is "Something in the Rain".

    1. Hi Rose,

      Yay! I'm not yet hooked with K-Drama but I think I'll be again not only with K-Drama but all the Asian Telenovela. Have fun watching! Will check Something in the Rain :)


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