Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ

Friday, October 23, 2015

     Before I became a blogger, I have all the time in the world to spend it with my one and only son. We bond together in simple ways like watching television shows, playing with car toys, and malling. Fast forward today, I'm guilty that I only spend a few hours bonding with him. I miss the good 'ol times when we were watching our favorite movies and series on youtube.

     Recently, there are movies and series that's a pain to watch online. It's either the video has been taken down by the owner or the copy uploaded lacks quality. Good thing I've discovered a video-on-demand service that brought back my so-called "mother and son" bonding. I can say that spending quality time with my son is a pure bliss while watching movies or television series on HOOQ. I listed down 3 reasons why I highly recommend HOOQ for that much needed bonding time with your kids at home plus the highlights of HOOQ's re-launch :)
Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
Kenzo watching his favorite tv series "Theodore Tugboat" on HOOQ
1. Join your kids watch their favorite movies and cartoons on HOOQ- anytime, anywhere! Get your tablet and relax beside your kids while watching cartoons. You can watch television shows even if your just in the sala set. No television, cable, and DVD required. 

2. It's an affordable bonding time with the kids at home. Your family can watch different shows. No more traffic going to malls just to watch a movie. No need to pay for movie tickets. Watch movies hassle-free at the comfort of your home.

3. Looking for classic children's movies that you cannot find anywhere? Find them at HOOQ. Teach them values while watching those movies. Watch Peter Pan and inculcate friendship and happy thoughts in your kids. Stuart Little is not a classic movie but we like watching it over and over again on HOOQ because it teaches the value of family, loyalty and friendship.
Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
Stuart Little Movie
     Our favorite television series as of the moment is Theodore Tugboat. This show is somewhat like to Thomas and Friends. Theodore's adventures explore feelings, fairness and friendship in each episodes. This classic television series is also shown in youtube BUT they don't have the complete list of episodes unlike what HOOQ is offering.

     Basically, these are the simple things that I've experienced with HOOQ but these things are priceless-the bonding moment I have with my son every time we watch our favorite shows is a bliss. We get to have those 'fun time' singing the songs in the series and playing a mini trivia game too.
Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
Theodore Tugboat
     For those of you who have no idea on HOOQ, I've summarized here points about the service offered by Globe Telecom. I was also invited in the re-launch last October 8 and here are the highlights of the event.

     HOOQ (pronounced "Hook"), is a video-on-demand service provided to users in the Philippines in partnership with Globe Telecom. I'm sure some of you have heard this service but not sure if you really need this in your life. The answer is you need to try this! Here are the reasons why:

  • Asia’s largest video-on-demand service with over 30,000 hours of movies and TV series.
  • Download or stream your favorite Movie or TV show on any of your internet-enabled devices.
  • Access HOOQ on your computer, tablet, and your smartphone. 
  • HOOQ is compatible with both Android and iOS. Download the app on either Google Play or the Apple App Store for your portable device, or simply log onto on your computer browser for access to their library of entertainment. 
  • HOOQ is the first video-on-demand service in the world to allow downloading up to five movies on the app for offline viewing. 
  • It includes thousands of Hollywood films.
  • Widest selection of Filipino-produced content. Classic and blockbuster movies from Star Cinema, Regal Entertainment and Viva Communications to boot.
  • Don't miss the latest episodes from telenovelas and mini series offered by ABS-CBN and GMA 7.
  • Laugh, cry, be thrilled, go on an adventure, anytime, anywhere with HOOQ's offerings.
  • Exciting and latest addition to the HOOQ library has already been revealed: American crime-drama series- GOTHAM 
  • New endorsers to make your HOOQ experience more awesome and fun with Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola
  • FREE 30-day trial to all first time subscribers- amazing, isn't?!
  • AFFORDABLE subscription fee for only P149/month for Globe mobile phone or credit card.
  • HOOQ also comes bundled with Tattoo Broadband plans from 2Mbps and up.

Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
I've signed up for a 30-day free trial
     HOOQ is the first video streaming service in the Philippines to offer access to Gotham. This Hollywood blockbuster series is one of the latest additions to the Philippines very own video streaming service that provides a huge variety of both international and local TV shows and movies.
Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
Watch GOTHAM!!!
     An American crime-drama, Gotham stars Ben McKenzie of The OC fame as a young James Gordon in the crime-riddled metropolis of Gotham City. The show also features other recognizable actors such as Robin Lord Taylor from Law and Order, Donal Logue from Sons of Anarchy, and Jada Pinkett Smith from Hawthorne.
Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
Clues that will lead to the arrest of the suspect and the retrieval of HOOQ's ambassadors.
     Since this series is one of the much awaited offerings from HOOQ, there's a mini role play during the re-launch of HOOQ last October 8 at URBN Bar and Kitchen. What's a role play without the characters of Gotham. The attendees were challenge to solve the mystery that night. There were clues laid in the crime scene and the detectives were out to solve the crime: HOOQ official ambassadors were kidnapped! They need to recover them and arrest the suspect! 
Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
Scenes during the launched. How the team of detectives solved the crime. Gotham city is now safe from Joker!!!
     During the event, HOOQ  also announced local entertainment sensations Xian Lim and Jessy Mendiola as their official brand ambassadors.
Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
HOOQ's official brand ambassadors- Jessy Mendiola and Xiam Lim
     “Today, with the mobile lifestyle of Filipino people, most would like to watch movies on their tablets and smartphones when and where they want,” says HOOQ Country Manager Jane Cruz-Walker. “Filipinos are content-savvy, and enjoy a wide range of entertainment. 
Mother and Son Bonding while Watching Shows on HOOQ
Watch your favorite shows on HOOQ with your tablet, pc, laptop, and smart phones
     This start-up venture of Singtel, Sony Pictures Television, and Warner Bros. Entertainment launched first in the Philippines last March, then rolled out to Thailand and India. Aside from content from their partners at Sony and Warner Bros., HOOQ also carries titles from Miramax, Disney, Captive Media and DreamWorks Classic Media.

     Are you ready to #GetHOOQd? Sign up for a 30-day free trial and enjoy movie streaming on the the go. Download the app now:
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