How to Own the Style and Class of the Rich and Famous

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

     Who hasn’t dreamed of accessorizing the way their favorite celebrities do? While most of us certainly don’t have the cash to invest in the exact same pieces, there are ways to mimic the overall fashion without breaking the bank. In this article, we will discuss how to focus on timeless, yet reasonably priced diamond and pearl pieces, and how to accessorize them on the whole.

      Nothing represents the glitz and glam of the celebrity elite more than diamond jewelry. For decades we’ve seen the world’s most famous beauties adorn their necks, wrists, and fingers with such piece. And when we think of the gemstone, images of old Hollywood darlings such as Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, or Audrey Hepburn immediately come to mind. 

How to Own the Style and Class of the Rich and Famous
Image Credit: Kate Gabrielle

Shine Bright Like a Diamond 

     In fact, it was the former who so seductively crooned the now famous lines of “Diamonds! Diamonds! I don't mean rhinestones! But diamonds are a girl's best friend” in the 1953 cinematic adaptation of the Broadway musical Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Nowadays, high-profile actresses and artists such as Angelina Jolie or Rihanna rock them just as elegantly. 

     Still, in spite of what Marilyn Monroe so lusciously sang more than half a century ago, not everyone can afford a genuine stone to emulate the style of their favorite superstar. Fortunately, there are plenty of diamond alternatives on the market that come close to the shine and glamour of the real thing. 

     Moissanite is one of the most popular choices, as it has wonderful light reflecting properties that actually exceed those of diamonds. It is best worn in solitaire silver or white gold settings, so that its beauty is aptly showcased. Look for rings, pendants, or stud rings made with moissanite and add them to your collection for an expensive allure.

     White topaz is another budget-friendly selection that is usually set in sterling silver or white gold. However, it also comes mixed with other gems such as citrine, garnet, or amethyst for a fun and vibrant look. Thus, regardless of what your aesthetic sensibilities dictate, you will most likely find an accessory in this category to suit them. 

     Finally, there is also the option of the good old-fashioned diamond simulant that is cubic zirconium. This manmade gem is created in a lab specifically to replicate the properties of the authentic jewel. It is a very prevalent substitute, as it looks as clear and flawless as a diamond for a fraction of the cost. 

     Of course, you can also purchase bona fide diamonds on a budget if you are clever about it. Look for gems that have small flaws, such as slight inclusions or somewhat yellowish hues, and always shop below one carat. Choose white gold or sterling silver settings, as they are more affordable and durable than 18K gold. For a higher class feel, go for 14K at least. 

How to Own the Style and Class of the Rich and Famous
Image Credit: Pete Bellis

Pearls. The Emblem of Elegancy

     Natural pearls have been particularly expensive over the course of our world’s history, even more so in ancient times than today. Whereas the value of diamonds primarily lays in clever marketing executed by the De Beers diamond cartel, the treasure of the ocean has been seen as an exquisite jewel since times immemorial. 

     Queen Cleopatra of Egypt notoriously boasted her country’s wealth in front of Marc Antony by dissolving a crushed pearl in her glass of wine and drinking it. She called it “the most expensive banquet in history”. On the other side of the Roman Empire, General Vitellius sold a single pearl earring from his mother’s collection and funded an entire military campaign. 

     For the many centuries to follow, pearls were specifically destined to an elite group of royal families. The Crown Jewels of Spain have held onto the La Peregrina pearl for centuries before it returned to England. Then, Richard Burton bought it as a gift for his beloved Elizabeth Taylor, a great actress and an even greater jewelry lover. 

     Nevertheless, at the beginning of the 20th century, Japan invented cultured pearls. Three men are widely credited for this, namely marine biologist Tokichi Nishikawa, as well as Tatsuhei Mise and Kokichi Mikimoto, two working-class men with no scientific training whatsoever. Out of all of them, the latter is perhaps the most widely regarded as the parent of the modern pearl.

     The possibility to grow pearls on a farm instead of dive for them in the ocean or river in often perilous conditions is what put the gemstone on the map for a lot of members of the general public. Thus, you can easily incorporate this type of accessory in your day to day outfits without breaking the bank. 

     The easiest way to complete your look with the gem of the ocean without going overboard is with the help of a delicate pair of earrings, as today pearl earrings are affordable and elegant. If you want to emphasize this appearance even more, go for a single-strand necklace instead. 

How to Own the Style and Class of the Rich and Famous
Image Credit: Max Poschau
Known How to Accessorize

     Adding a few simple and inexpensive diamond and pearl pieces to your jewelry wardrobe is the safest way to emulate the style and class of the rich and famous without going bankrupt. Still, owning these items isn’t enough. You will also need to accessorize them with taste and refinement to achieve an overall flawless look. 

     To save some money in the hardware department, always choose darker-colored ones that aren’t suspiciously shiny. What is more, you should always steer clear of metals that leave green residue on your skin when exposed to moisture. Gold vermeil is a good choice in this case, and it is definitely worth the few extra bucks. 

     In addition to this, never wear plastic gemstones in vivid colors, especially if you plan on pairing them with more sophisticated components. This will further emphasize how cheap they are by comparison. Lastly, pick jewelry that has weight to it instead of flimsy baubles to emulate the appearance of a more luxurious piece. 

The Bottom Line 

     To replicate the glamour of your favorite celebs, you will need the pearls and diamonds to match. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on them. Inexpensive alternatives exist, and as long as you know what to pair them with, you will definitely stand out from the crowd at the next event you attend. 


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