Revolutionize Your Well-Being: Mobile Fitness Tech in Action

Friday, April 27, 2018

     The alarm goes off. We all dread that sound, the inevitable coldness beyond the duvet. There are days where autopilot gets you to the coffee shop and you gaze longingly at the pastries, trying to muster all the politeness you can spare for the barista. Some days, it's difficult enough to get up and get going and face the day, so how does one integrate a healthy regimen, let alone a solid fitness plan with quantifiable results?
Revolutionize Your Well-Being: Mobile Fitness Tech in Action

     Technology has brought an array of amazing benefits into our lives. With the miniaturization and wireless connectivity of our devices, it's now possible to make both wellness and fitness goals easier to integrate seamlessly into our daily lives, and with less effort and planning on our parts. More importantly, with the addition of both tailor-built apps and new hardware, it can even make it fun and motivating.

For Restful Slumber

     Your smartphone can't physically remove you from bed in the morning, but it can certainly wake you up. To promote healthy sleep cycles, try Sleep Cycle, an app designed to monitor your sleeping patterns using the accelerometer in your phone to determine when to wake you up. Specify when, and it'll figure out when the most appropriate time to wake you within a certain time frame. There's also Beddit, that uses the Beddit Band for the same purpose.

Developing Personal Fitness Regimen

     Being well rested allows for the ability to more readily conquer those fitness goals. One of the particularly overwhelming obstacles in the realm of fitness is goal setting and tracking. Apps like Fitocracy, Nike Training Club and Freeletics assist in setting up a personal training plan you can track right from your mobile device. They'll keep you motivated, and more importantly, help you track those results.

Motivation, Commitment and Goal-keeping

     Are you a runner or cyclist? Try Strava, RunKeeper or even C25K if you're training for a 5k. Maybe Zombies, Run! if you need that extra mortal-peril-level of motivation! And of course, there's the music necessity. You can use the Bluetooth features on the iPhone 8 to connect to your wireless headphones and tune in to FitRadio to keep you enthusiastic and focused.

Dietary Targets and Nutrition Information

     A cornerstone of any fitness or wellness plan should include diet. The gold standard of diet tracking and even just simple nutrition information is MyFitnessPal. This astoundingly robust app allows you to track, plan and quantify food intake so you can tweak and tailor for your own personal fitness goals.

Group Fitness Scheduling and Booking

     If yoga is your jam, try Pocket Yoga, a great app that allows you to build your own sequences and learn poses. More interested in a group class? Pop into MindBody and use your geolocation services to find a class in your area, make reservations, and even pay prior so you can make your fitness breaks as seamless as possible. Many spin and pilates studios also use this app for even more options.

Self-Improvement Through Data Tracking

     Last but not least, try the Spire Tracker that connects via Bluetooth technology and allows you to monitor your habits throughout the day and empowers you to improve upon them. Although the options are many, the idea behind the apps (and the hardware) is to make fitness and well-being a lifestyle: not just something you may care about, but something personally enjoyable to participate in.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! Ang dami na talaga mga apps na ngayon na swak for our needs. Ang kelangan na lang talaga is focus and determination para ma-achieve ang fitness goals and ofcourse, dapat naienjoy natin yung mga routines na ginagawa natin.


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