Top Plastic Surgery Blogs You Can Trust

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

     These blogs will keep you up to date on the latest aesthetic trends and medical advances in the world of plastic surgery.

     Searching online about plastic surgery procedures can be time-consuming, and often brings up misleading or non-qualified sources of information. We hand-picked ten of the most reliable cosmetic surgery blogs, all written in plain English by certified plastic surgeons.

Top Plastic Surgery Blogs You Can Trust
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Dr. Olivia Hutchinson

     Selected to the exclusive New York Times SuperDoctors list as one of the Top Plastic Surgeons in NYC, Dr. Hutchinson is frequently featured in the media, including several talks she’s given for Sirius XM’s Radio Doctor NYU.

     Dr. Hutchinson began her academic career by completing a Bachelor's of Arts degree at Harvard before pursuing medicine at Columbia University. She now combines her love of art and beauty with her passion for the science behind cosmetic procedures.

What does she talk about on her blog?

     Among other things, Dr. Hutchinson offers advice on how best to prepare yourself for surgery, how to maintain your ideal weight after liposuction, and which drugs are incompatible with certain procedures, and many other frequently asked questions.

     She also speaks directly to teenagers who feel insecure about their appearance and uncertain about what plastic surgery has to offer them.

     The procedure options she discusses for teens regularly include: rhinoplasty, otoplasty, labiaplasty, breast surgeries that address deformities like severe breast underdevelopment in women and enlarged, female-like breasts in men (gynecomastia).

Cosmetic Surg Blog

     Authored by Ricardo L. Rodriguez MD, a board-certified specialist in plastic surgery, this blog is an interesting read for those looking to stay up-to-date with emerging new practices and discoveries in the constantly evolving world of plastic surgery.

     Many of Dr. Rodriguez’s blog posts warn readers about various outdated procedures, (for example: laser resurfacing), always confirming his statements with real-life examples. He also, quite refreshingly, warns of the importance of moderation for those determined to find self-improvement through cosmetic surgery.

     Says Dr. Rodriguez: “The desire to look better is completely natural and part of human nature. In moderation, this desire is a good thing. It can lead to self-improvement in many areas, including a healthier diet, exercise, and even using safe surgical techniques to improve your appearance. In contrast, when the desire is for absolute perfection, it can lead to eating disorders, immoderate exercise, and unrealistic expectations of surgical results.”

New York Facial Plastic Surgery Blog

     Even if you don’t live in New York, you should definitely take a look at Dr. Andrew Jacono’s blog.

     Thus far this well-known plastic surgeon has appeared on CNN, USA Today, and ABC’s Good Morning America. He is also a published author of many books on plastic surgery.

What makes this blog worth a look?

     Dr. Jacone’s articles provide direct answers to questions posed by the readers of his blog. His responses are always well-researched, in-depth explanations about what specific procedures entail and why certain procedures are risky.

David B. Reath, MD.

     The author of this blog is a plastic surgeon who writes about topics such as how to prevent weight gain after a successful liposuction and trendy new procedures to consider avoiding.

     Some blog posts touch on sensitive matters such as the ever-changing standards of beauty and advice on how both men and women can cope with these changes without compromising their health.

     Dr. Reath is not afraid to be outspoken about his findings or opinions either. He recently criticized an increasingly popular new procedure, The Brazilian butt lift, insisting that few patients recognize just how dangerous it really is.

     Explaining his thoughts on the Brazilian butt lift, in a recent post-Dr. Reath wrote, “in order to have the fat survive as a graft (like a skin graft), the fat must be injected into an area with an excellent blood supply. In the buttock area this is the gluteal musculature, and more specifically the deep gluteal musculature, which is why this is the preferred area for the fat to be injected.

     However, there are also very large veins in this area. These carry the blood from these muscles directly back to the heart. The problem is that if fat is injected into one of these veins it can flow directly into the heart and cause it to stop or fail. If this happens, it is nearly impossible to get the heart started again, which can lead to sudden death.”

If you’re considering a procedure that is hot right now but still hasn’t been well-tested, you should definitely check out Dr. Reath’s blog.

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