Fresh New Look of C2 Green Tea

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

     Have you seen my latest Instagram post featuring C2 Cool and Clean green tea? Noticed anything? If yes, high five! The first local green tea flavored drink brand that I love drinking and got addicted to way, way back has a new look.

     Universal Robina Corporation (URC) brings a new and exciting look to your favorite C2 Cool and Clean. URC is a game-changer in the local beverage industry. In 2004, it stirred the market with the introduction of the first ready-to-drink tea in the Philippines, C2 Cool and Clean. Since then, Filipinos have developed an affinity with tea drinks and have grown to love C2’s refreshing flavors.

Fresh New Look of C2 Green Tea

C2 Cool and Clean 
  • The brand launches a fresh new look. 
  • It’s the same C2 because it still keeps to its unique brewing process where it’s brewed and bottled on the same day, ensuring a fresh and authentic drinking experience.
  • C2 is packed with all the benefits that green tea, or camellia sinensis has to offer. 
  • Made from 100% natural green tea leaves, C2 promises a real and authentic tea experience.

Fresh New Look of C2 Green Tea
C2 Cool and Clean unveils its fresh new look. #C2Refresh
     Everyone can also take their refreshing C2 experience further with varying flavor offers such as Classic Green Tea, Green Tea Apple, Green Tea Lemon, Green Tea Dalandan, Green Tea Melon and Red Tea Raspberry. C2 is available in 230ml, 355ml, 500ml and 1 Liter to cater to whatever occasion.

So get ready to #C2Refresh and experience a revitalizing and thirst-quenching moment with the new and refreshing look of C2 Cool and Clean

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