Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Challenge Outcome

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

     In my opinion, business in any form has ups and downs. Whether it's simply a sari-sari store, a water purifying station, or an online business. It's been three months since I started selling Pampanga's Best products at home with the help of my family especially my youngest sister. 

     The aim of Pampanga's Best Sweet Taste of Success Challenge is to show mommies particularly stay-at-home moms that selling Pampanga's Best products at the comforts of home is a profitable business.

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Challenge Outcome

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Sales Strategy

     In the first month of this challenge, we have only one thing in mind- sell as many Pampanga's Best products as we can weekly. We opted to sell the products at the lowest possible price since we can buy the products at wholesale price.

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Challenge Outcome

     The first month ran smoothly, many of our customers buy Pampanga's Best products in bulk- more than ten items per transaction. There were customers who became interested to re-sell the products that's why we replenish our stocks twice or even thrice a week. 

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Struggles

     We were so happy with our sales in the first month, my sister got a lot of inquiries online on how to re-sell the products. She also accepted home deliveries with a minimum purchase. But the struggle is real for my sister who is a mom of two. There were days where she can't go online and promote the product because her son was sick. My father is a dialysis patient and there were days that she needs to attend to the needs of my father thus can't go out to deliver the products.

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Challenge Outcome

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Overall Experience

     If you're thinking that selling frozen goods need a bigger freezer or a chest type one, then think again. It's not a hindrance for Pampanga's Best, especially for start-up dealership. Look at our freezer above, it can fill up with P5,000 worth of assorted products.

     Since the retail prices of Pampanga's Best Inc. products are much lower than supermarket prices, we're able to adjust the price that we think is okay for our income and for the sellers as well. Our price is lower than that of the supermarket and wet market's price that's why we gained regular customers who prefer buying bulk orders from us on a daily or weekly basis.

     After three months of selling Pampanga's Best products at home, we learned that it's not easy to sell products if you don't have the patience and dedication. Any kind of business needs careful planning, strategy, and lots and lots of patience. It's not a one-time bigtime thing. As the saying goes, "the roots to success are bitter but the fruit is sweet". We learned a lot from this challenge so now I'll be sharing a summary of simple tips on how to sell Pampanga's Best products at home.

Plan to sell Pampanga's Best Products online?

     Monitoring and order sheets are important in inventory and orders. I'm monitoring our sales and record it in our weekly monitoring sheets at home through excel. It's not complicated as long as you have a basic knowledge in word. If you prefer jotting down notes, it's also recommended. My sister prefers the latter, always have a paper and pen handy.

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Challenge Outcome
Customer Feedbacks

     It's so nice to hear positive feedback from buyers that they got the best offer or they are satisfied with the products bought from you. Creating an album for customer feedback is also important in online business. This will give the seller a good name and credibility and will give a higher chance of more sales from the recommendations compiled online.

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Challenge Outcome

     Love your own! As business owners, you should love your own products. Before selling, I think it must be a prerogative to taste the products you're selling especially with food so that you can recommend it to your customers. When a customer has no idea what to buy I always recommend our favorite Pampanga's Best products, especially to first-timers.

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Challenge Outcome

     Our favorite breakfast mainstays are  Pampanga's Best Tocino, Pampanga's Skinless Longganisa, Native Longganisa and Meat Loaf.  To those who don't eat pork, we recommend chicken variants of the all-time favorite tocino and longganisa. Best-sellers are Chick 'N Pops, Chicken Longganisa, and Chicken Tocino. I offered these variants to mommies who prepare chicken for breakfast and 'baon' of their kids and surprisingly, after tasting the Chick 'N Pops, they were surprised that their kids liked it so much. The chicken tocino doesn't taste chicken after all too.

Pampanga's Best "Sweet Taste of Success" Home Negosyo Challenge Outcome

     Pampanga's Best tocino remains the number 1 and favorite breakfast food in our family. After the Pampanga's Best Sweet Taste of Success Home Negosyo Challenge, I've learned that selling their products is a promising and profitable home business. I will highly recommend this kind of home business for aspiring mompreneurs out there. You can sell Pampanga's Best products straight at home or you may also set up your store online.

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  1. Hello, i wanted to be a dealer of pampanga's best too. Can you please tell me hows the product delivery process? How you order frozen and can they deliver any day and time?

    1. Hi Ellie,

      You may visit Pampanga's Best Facebook page to know more details about it. Kindly send your inquiries through PM. Thank you!


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