Keys to Monetizing Your Mommy Blog

Monday, December 25, 2017

     Teeming with concerns over motherhood, you do tons of research. You learn about weight limits on car seats and how hot your formula should be. You learn about safeguarding your home and what baby food uses the best ingredients. You’ve spent so much of your time learning about being a mom, you want share. 

     You start a mommy blog and share tips to help your fellow moms learn and bypass the arduous discovery process. This is satisfying, but it becomes a lot of work. You are saving other mothers work, but adding to your own responsibilities. Do you continue? Your sense of duty would feel a lot more satisfying if it were combined with a more tangible reward. So, how do you monetize your blog, now that you have a great domain name and website setup? Here are some keys.

Keys to Monetizing Your Mommy Blog
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     Particularly if you develop a strong following to your blog, advertising revenue can be a real source of income. If you are uncomfortable with selling companies ad space on your site, there are still some options. 

     First, selling ad space. Companies are often willing to place ads on a site that fits the subject relevant to their product. They have a couple of incentives that can be leveraged. 

     A company that sells baby food or car seats or other relevant items to parenting would love to have their brand associated with a well-respected mommy blog. They will usually provide the ad and expect it to link back to their site. 

     Therefore, when you write a post about baby food and your readers see the ad for baby food, there is an automatic credibility that companies crave. If you find enough of these companies, you can build a residual income from relevant advertisements. 

     If you are reluctant to reach out to get advertisers to sponsor your site, there are still ad options. Companies like Adsense, AdBlade, and provide ad code for your to embed within your site and posts. These services pay out based on how many impressions your site creates for the ads. 

     For example, if you have a post that receives high traffic, the ads embedded in the post will receive views. For those views, those companies will pay you for the exposure. If your readers click on those ads, then they pay more. Clicking on the ads sends readers to sites that are highly leveraged and provide the ad sources revenue, which they share with you.

Affiliate Linking

     One additional way to produce ads for your site is by using affiliate programs. Companies like Amazon will provide you code for ads and those ads are for specific products. 

     You can even use the ad code for something you sell on Amazon like an ebook (perhaps about parenting) or items you make and sell. These affiliate ads let you get a kickback from people purchasing items through the affiliate ads you put in your blog. 

SEO Relationships

     SEO companies charge their clients to get links back to their client sites. Because of this, they need blogs to help them. Your mommy blog can be part of this. There are two ways SEO companies are willing to pay you. Sometimes they will reach out to you and simply request that you put a link in your blog to a site that supports a claim you make. For example, if you wrote a post that says kids like apples and their client has a post that supports that claim, they might ask that you link that claim to their site. They will often pay you for that link.

     Another way they will pay you, and this can be doubly beneficial, is write guest posts for your blog. Embedded in the post they send you are links to their clients supporting their claims. The get paid by their clients and they are willing to pay you to publish these articles. Your blog gets more, relevant, and professionally written content and you get paid. This method of monetizing your blog is well documented in the book Do What We Did. The bigger SEO companies will often provide frequent posts to help keep your readers engaged in fresh content as well as provide you with a steady stream of revenue. 

     You may have started your mommy blog simply to share and keep children safe and happy, but there is no reason your hard work must go without reward. The modern internet provides you the opportunity to make money from your work and your expertise. Because it wasn’t why you did it and because it’s not your field of expertise, you may have not known. But there is no reason you can’t leverage your work. You deserve it. 

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