Feature: Gelatofix Philippines

Sunday, September 03, 2017

     Craving for authentic Italian fares like gelato and pasta? Worry no more! Gelatofix, an Italian Artisanal gelato café, opened its doors in its first Philippine branch at the Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig. The world-class café is renowned for its over the top gelato creations and exquisite Italian cuisine created by award-winning chefs, Gelato World Cup Champion, Master Chef Filippo Novelli and Gelatofix Master Chef David Chang. 

     Gelatofix sent over some of the items in their menu like their gelato and pasta dishes that are made from natural ingredients, prepared via a process that is both masterful and artisanal. See what's in store for you after the jump!

Feature: Gelatofix Philippines 

Gelatofix's Signature Creations by Award-Winning Master Chefs

1. Gelato Gourmet

     Gelatofix has the most remarkable handcrafted gelato masterpieces created by the Gelato World Cup Champion, Master Chef Novelli. They serve the smoothest and creamiest Italian gelato. It's available from piatti (in plates), coppe (in cups), toasts and cakes. 

Feature: Gelatofix Philippines 
Gelato Coppe

2. Gelato Sushi

     The pièce de résistance creation by Master Chef Novelli. Think sushi minus the fish, nori, and Japanese rice but all gelato, chocolate, and fruit goodness.

Feature: Gelatofix Philippines 
Gelato Sushi

3. Magic Boxx 

     It is Gelatofix' signature toast box created by Gelatofix Master Chef David Chang. A unique fusion of Asian bread toasted to perfection, cubed in sweet buttery texture, topped with Italian gelato and served with a treasure chest of renowned Gelatofix chocolate sauce. Yum!!!

Feature: Gelatofix Philippines 
Toast Mango-la-to P450

Extraordinary Café’ Menu

1. Gelatofix also serves nutritious  Italian-inspired gourmet salads, rich-flavored soups, lavish mains

2. Unique pasta selection with Portobello mushrooms, crunchy prawns, succulent squids and juicy parma ham. Two unique entrees were sent to us last Sunday- Apricot Prawn Pasta and Al Fungi Risotto which became an instant fave :) 

Feature: Gelatofix Philippines 
Apricot Prawn Pasta P325

Feature: Gelatofix Philippines 
Al Fungi Risotto P320

3. Gelatofix also provides an array of the best and locally curated Filipino-inspired dishes.

Growing Gelatofix in the Philippines & the World

     According to Mr.Von Lacorte, Director, Gelatofix Philippines, they will be the first in the Philippines to launch an authentic Italian dessert lifestyle café chain under Gelatofix. It will be the destination of choice for both young people and working adults who are on the prowl for mouth-watering yet guilt-less gelato and food offerings which make a serious play on both Italian and local flavors

     He adds that another five new Gelatofix outlets will be added over the next 12 months in Metro Manila so more people will have the ‘fix’ they need, whenever and wherever they crave for it. Internationally, the Gelatofix café chain will be available in Cambodia, Kuwait, Maldives, and Qatar. 

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