Diamond Shapes and You: Finding the ideal shape engagement ring

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

     Diamonds are so versatile that the cut of the diamond can often complement the personality of the person wearing it. What’s the best loose diamond to buy if the lady in question is traditional, a free-spirit or a real girly-girl? Following are some suggestions: 

Diamond Shapes and You: Finding the ideal shape engagement ring


     Though it’s only been around since World War I, the round brilliant is a traditional cut for an engagement ring and is made for a classy and traditional lady with tastes that never go out of style. All round brilliants have 58 facets, though some jewelry cutters remove the tiny facets at the bottom of the stone. The very best round brilliants have what seem like patterns of hearts and arrows when a person looks down into them. These gems need to be cut very precisely, for a diamond that’s too shallow or too deep will lose some of the fire and sparkle associated with a brilliant cut.


     This is the cut for the playful, girly-girl type. The diamond is square, with sharp corners that should be protected by a prong setting. Princess cut diamonds make great solitaires mounted on platinum or white or yellow gold bands. 


     An emerald cut diamond is just the thing for a woman who is both confident and elegant. The cut, which is more rectangular than square, was made for the emerald, which is much softer than the diamond and prone to chipping. It's a step cup with blunted corners. 


     An Asscher cut diamond is best for a woman who is wonderfully feminine. It resembles the emerald cut, but is more square than rectangular. The corners are cropped.


     The oval cut suits a lady who prides herself on being up-to-date in all things, including fashion, food, art or culture in general. The oval cut also makes a somewhat stubby finger seem longer than it is.


     Of course, the heart-shaped diamond is for the most tenderhearted of women.


     The radiant cut gets its name from its unequaled sparkle and is for a woman who sparkles as well. She’s optimistic, full of energy and likes to flirt, even if she’s betrothed to another! This is a diamond shaped into a rectangle but with a brilliant cut. Like the oval-cut diamond, the radiant diamond looks good on a woman who thinks her finger is a bit too short.


     The heralded pear-shaped diamond is for a lady who’s bold and charismatic but likes to go her own way. When it’s worn, the fat part should be pointing toward the body. This is because when someone takes the lady’s hand to examine this beautiful diamond, the tip pointing toward the finger is simply a better look.


     The marquise cut diamond was inspired by the lips of a French courtier and is for a dramatic, refined and outgoing woman.


     As its name suggests, the popular cushion cut is square with round corners. It differs from other cuts because its weight is concentrated at the bottom. This is the diamond for a lady who likes to be both chic and delicate and who appreciates vintage styles.

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