Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink

Thursday, January 19, 2017

     I'm not a soda person. I don't drink soft drinks because my father taught me to hydrate myself by drinking more water. Since I don't drink sodas, I'm more of a juice, coffee, and tea consumer. There are times that I try to drink soda in can if my default drink is not available but after a sip or two, my throat hurts. 

     Those who are into health and fitness are looking for healthy alternatives to sodas. Do you love drinking softdrinks but are looking for a healthier alternative? Now, you can satisfy your craving for soda with a healthier fizzy drink, introducing New Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink. See this promising product below :)

Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink

     New Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink is made with real fruit juice. It has no added sugar, and is fortified with 100% of your daily Vitamin C needs. Plus, it’s caffeine and calorie free! 

Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink

     You can enjoy this healthier fizz in two deliciously and refreshingly fruity flavors: Pineapple and Orange-Pomelo! I've tried a can yesterday and my instant fave flavor is Orange Pomelo :)

Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drinks
Orange Pomelo

     Del Monte Fizzy Juice Drink is available in 330ml cans in all 7-Eleven stores nationwide. #DelMonteFizzyJuiceDrink

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