Best 5 After Gym Skincare Tips You Should Know

Saturday, January 07, 2017

     You might already have a good everyday skin care routine that gives you a flawless shine, but have you given enough thought about the post-workout one? 

     It is difficult to maintain two skincare routines in one day (blame it on your strict deadlines) and it is even harder to add your workout to your busy schedule. Spending a few extra minutes in the locker room can become unimaginably beneficial to get a good looking skin. It will make all the difference in maintaining a healthy skin that is free from breakouts and even looks hydrated.

Best 5 After Gym Skincare Tips You Should Know 

Here are some 5 quick tips that will help you maintain your skin care goals:

1. Invest in a Workout Skin Care Set

     If you’re someone who is always in a rush and can’t spend too much time on post-workout skin care routine, then investing in a good kit is a worthy decision. Skincare sets designed for workouts like Fré Skincare will have specialized products like moisturizer, cleanser, and serum that are formalized to deal with skin that sweats. The texture and formulas used in such skin care products will prevent breakouts and will avoid the formation of sweat bumps, which is a common problem for women who workout.

     Such skincare sets have three or more products that will help you prioritize your post-workout schedule. The moisturizer should have SPF, to act as a hydrating agent for your skin while protecting it from UV rays. A cleanser is important that will de-stress the pores and returns skin's PH balance post workout. And lastly, the anti-aging serum regenerates collagen and skin elasticity.

Best 5 After Gym Skincare Tips You Should Know 

2. Keep Your Hands Off 

     A good post-workout skin care step starts the minute you step off the treadmill. Sweating is a great way to detoxify your body and skin, but dealing with this bodily fluid in the right way is very crucial. Gym machines are a favorite spot for bacteria and wiping your face with your hands is the most erroneous thing that you can do to your face. Avoid using too many hair products before working out and use a clean towel to wipe off sweat, and maintain a healthy, detoxified skin. 

     Always remember to keep a clean gym towel, to avoid getting dirt and impurities clogged into the fresh and regenerated pores of your skin after a workout. 

3. Moisturizing is a Key to Hydrated Skin 

     Do not skimp on moisturizing! Your face demands replenishments after an intense workout and only a good moisturizer can deliver the water your skin lost. According to your skin type, choose your favorite moisturizers that won’t clog your pores and will give you’re a glowing look after every post-workout skin care routine. 

     Just got out of the gym and running for your car to get back to your daily duties? Don’t forget one important thing – sunscreen! Just pat dry your skin with a clean towel and load up on sunscreen, to avoid getting sunburned.

Best 5 After Gym Skincare Tips You Should Know 

4. Get Out of Your Sweaty Clothes, ASAP!

     This cannot be stressed enough! After your workout, the pores on the surface of your skin are bigger, due to sweating and this makes your skin more prone to attracting dust and other impurities around you. To avoid skin irritation and acne breakout, you should head straight to your home and hit the shower. There should be no stopping at the grocery store or pharmacy along the way, or even lounging on the couch once you get home. 

     You should also wash or use different gym clothes every day, to maintain hygiene level and avoid skin allergies that can cause redness and sweat bumps all over the body. 

5. Wipe the Makeup Off 

     We all want to look all fresh and fabulous while stepping into the gym and all sweaty and sexy while stepping out! Working with makeup on is a big skin care blunder and it is obvious that you should remove the makeup before a workout, but you might know the importance of removing the light, concealing makeup post-workout. To conceal redness and dark spots, you can apply light concealer and press it with powder, to get the flawless look that we all want during the workout. But, don’t forget to immediately wash your face or wipe all the makeup off with a tissue, to allow your skin to breath and relax after an intense exercise session.

Best 5 After Gym Skincare Tips You Should Know 

     Working out is one of the most important health decision that one makes, but sometimes keeping up with the busy schedules and maintain a healthy skin is not that simple. With help of some great workout skincare sets and easy tips, you cannot only maintain a perfect body, but also the perfect skin.

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