Smart Selfie Hacks from OPPO

Saturday, September 17, 2016

     Selfie as defined by google is a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and shared via social media. Last 2014, Time Magazine listed in their article that Makati City ranked as the 'selfie capital of the world' meaning we Filipinos are into this kind of photography and I'm sure that we all have captured selfies not only once, right?

     We take selfies as a way to capture and store unforgettable moments. But while everyone with a smartphone can make one, how do you capture selfies that stand out? Do you want to know simple tips on how to have that perfect selfie even if you think you're not photogenic? This is your chance to take stunning selfies, and remember practice makes perfect! So these selfie hacks below :)

Smart Selfie Hacks from OPPO

    Stunning selfies are a combination of artful poses, perfect lighting, and maybe some enhancements from your camera apps. Because a selfie is a form of self-expression, it is necessary to keep your creative juices flowing while keeping some professional techniques in mind.

Here are some tips on combining techniques with the power of your self-expression:

1. Look for your best angle
  • Before snapping a photo of yourself, turn your head or shoulder slightly to the left and then to the right. This lets you find out which angle works best for you. 
  • Emphasize your jawline as much as possible by raising the camera slightly above you. 
  • Aside from putting emphasis on your jaws, this technique allows your eyes to show their brilliance.
Smart Selfie Hacks from OPPO
2. Go for the active shot
  • A photo that shows you doing something is more interesting than a plain shot. 
  • This could be a travel selfie, or a photo of yourself doing a hobby.
Smart Selfie Hacks from OPPO
photo from picjumbo
3. Rule of thirds
  • The rule of thirds is standard for every photographer, and it still applies to your selfies. 
  • Instead of having your face right at the center of the photo, try putting your face at the top left or top right of your selfie for more balanced composition.
  • When taking full body shots, putting yourself near the edge of the frame makes for a more dramatic shot.

4. Accessories and props
  • Your selfies are the perfect opportunity to show the world how your brow game is on fleek. 
  • If you want to flaunt that OOTD, a shot in front of the mirror is still the best way to do it.
  • You’ll also need the right camera phone if you want your photogenic self to shine through in every picture.
Smart Selfie Hacks from OPPO
photo from picjumbo
5. A Smart phone for that perfect selfie 
  • The OPPO F1s is a great pick for the needs of every selfie lover. 
  • Thanks to an impressive 16-megapixel front-facing camera equipped with a 1/3.1-inch sensor and a wide f/2.0 aperture, the F1s captures very clear selfies even in less than ideal lighting conditions.
  • In addition to the hardware, the OPPO “selfie expert” comes with the Beautify 4.0 app that smoothens out those unwanted blemishes, as well as eight filters you can apply to add mood to your shots.
Smart Selfie Hacks from OPPO
“While selfies give you much room for self-expression, having the right tool complements your flow of creative juices. It also lets you achieve your desired photos. That is what the OPPO F1s promises and delivers,” said OPPO Philippines Marketing Brand Manager Stephen Cheng.
To know more about OPPO F1s visit the global website:

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