Perfect Present Ideas for Your Upcoming Anniversary

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

     Quick! Is today your anniversary? We got you, didn’t we? Between other commitments, kids’ commitments, and life, in general, anniversaries tend to sneak upon us. You definitely do not want to forget, however, as time in the doghouse is never fun. 

     Whether you were college sweethearts who have been married for 20 years or are celebrating your first year together, it’s always important to recognize your anniversary in a special way. Wondering what the perfect present ideas are for your upcoming anniversary? Read this for some fun and creative options.

Perfect Present Ideas for Your Upcoming Anniversary


     Accessories can be fun to shop for, and women, in particular, almost always love getting jewelry. Whether you get her costume jewelry, a gold pinky ring or go for the gusto by showing up with the signature blue box from Tiffany’s, she’ll appreciate that you know her sense of style. You don’t have to drop a lot of coins to make an impression, however. You could even shop an online sock store like Stance to find him or her something that’s not only comfy but also unique. Better yet, buy a matching pair!

A Homemade Meal

     This might sound silly but a home cooked meal can be so touching, especially if it’s made for the person who typically makes the meals. If your special someone loves protein rich foods, he or she will love these unique and healthy selections. Pair the meal with a bold glass of red wine to create the festive atmosphere you want. Your main squeeze will love the extra effort you want to make a meal that she loves. If you’re extremely strapped for time but would still love to enjoy a special evening in your own humble abode, you can always hire a chef to come and create a special meal for two. This latter option will allow for more handholding and eye gazing—just saying.

The Experiential Gift

     Do you and your loved one share a common wanderlust? Consider foregoing the gifts this year and put your money towards a trip you’ve longed to take. As Hans Christian Andersen once said, “To travel is to live.” We couldn’t agree more. Whether it’s a weekend jaunt to the lake a few hours away or a trip to Paris, this is something you can always treasure. Make sure to take a lot of photos! Creating an anniversary photo album after the trip is a fantastic idea. 

     If you don’t have the time or money to travel this year, you could consider something like a concert, play, or even a hike followed by an intimate picnic. While the experiential gift won’t be able to be worn or displayed, these often hold a special place in our hearts. 

A Photo Session

     If your significant other has been putting a bug in your ear for updated family or couple photos, this could be a good time to go for it. Professional photography sessions aren’t cheap, so anniversaries are a good time to splurge on something that will make him or her extremely happy. Plus, you can always check sites like for deals in your area.

     A great gift for “him” can also be a boudoir photo session. Don’t worry, ladies, no one else has to see these, and the women who work at these studios are pros at making you feel comfortable and sexy.

     Need to find the perfect present for your upcoming anniversary? Take an idea from this list and you’ll almost certainly be successful in winning his or her heart.


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