ALLURA Body Contour Launch

Friday, April 08, 2016

     Last February, I was invited to the launch of ALLURA Body Contour's Shaping Lives to the Fullest launch. The launch was held at Hello Relish in Timog where satisfied customers and celebrity endorsers shared their weight loss stories and how they've achieved their #BodyGoals. Losing weight is hard, but ALLURA makes it easy.

     Right now, you might be hitting the gym pretty hard, getting yourself into the best shape of your life. Of course, it won’t always be that way; getting rid of your fats does not happen overnight, so just realize that fitness should be a part of your lifestyle. But if you decide to lose weight and want fast results, all you need to do is to consult your friendly neighborhood cosmetic surgeon. ALLURA is where you can find the latest and most economical way of losing weight and contouring your body. More details about the services and real testimonials below :)
ALLURA Body Contour Launch
ALLURA is committed to make those #BodyGoals come to life, wanna know why?

1. Everyone deserves a beautiful mind and body

  • Gone are the days when beauty and being sexy at any age is a privilege. 
  • Conceptualized through the joint effort of a group of elite professionals who have pooled their individual knowledge, expertise and extensive experience of almost two (2) decades in the beauty enhancement and slimming industry, ALLURA provides the means to make sure you achieve your slender figure and flawless beauty goals! 
  • Losing weight, keeping it off for good, lasting results and achieving ideal shape without pain is ALLURA's top most priority. 

2. This is where your #BodyGoals becomes a Reality

  • At ALLURA, they don’t just shape bodies, they shape lives too. 
  • With the ultimate goal of bringing out women’s utmost confidence in their bodies, ALLURA offers individually designed non-surgical medical aesthetic treatments to help the clients look better and feel better without having to go under the knife thus achieving the body goals everyone deserves to have! 
  • These are all non-invasive and safe, which means no injections, no surgery, and no scars. 
  • ALLURA wants to see their customers with a healthy vitality and brand new confidence in their ideal figure.

3. ALLURA assure life-shapers’ competence, experience and proficiency

  • Doctors are not just life savers, but also ultimate life-shapers! 
  • ALLURA is composed of professionals in various aspects of medical and allied medical services like doctors, licensed nurses and physical therapist. 
  • Well trained and carefully selected, they are the ones who will carry out treatment plans that would work best for your body’s needs because we understand that everyone is unique. 

4. The desire to have a sexy body doesn’t have to be that risky and costly! 

  • Looking great and feeling confidently beautiful has never been this affordable. ALLURA believes that body and beauty enhancements should be accessible to everyone. 
  • They offer clinically proven non-invasive solutions for fat reduction and body contouring programs using the latest approach and technologies. 
  • ALLURA takes pride in offering facilities rivalling any world class centers offering the same treatments. 
  • With a commitment and dedication to bring out the best in all our patients at really reasonable and affordable prices, we see to it that you always get more than what you pay for.

5. Hear the client’s success stories and testimony!

     Ara Mina and Christine Reyes, the renowned sisters in Philippine show business are just some of the living proof of how ALLURA fulfilled its promises.


     Ara Mina revealed that Thermo-lipolysis became her weight loss buddy for her quick reduction of weight. "Thermolipolysis is my favorite treatment, I lost 11 pounds in just a short period of time," shared Ara. In addition, Ara's waistline has reportedly gone from a 28 to a 25 in just a short span.
ALLURA Body Contour Launch
Ara Mina during her Thermo-lipolysis treatment
     Thermolipolysis is one of the famous offerings of ALLURA as it helps our clients reduce weight easily and instantly. It uses cutting-edge thermal heat and infrared technology to burn as much as 900 calories per treatment of 30 minutes. You are put inside a hi-tech "capsule," so you can literally lose weight equivalent to 3-7 km. energy expenditure of running while lying down. It actually burns as much as 900 calories per session. More than that, it increases the metabolism, reduces water retention and stimulates body circulation.
ALLURA Body Contour Launch
Satisfied customer of ALLURA, Dr. Roel Tolentino shows his toned body in the photo below after four months of Themolipolysis

     Another popular demand from ALLURA is the Radio Frequency method which effortlessly gets rid of the cellulite and local fat tissues safely. It is effective, extremely safe, painless and mild with its special cooling method, no bandage, no bruising, no bleeding and no pain. 

     This treatment was used by actress Christine Reyes to tighten her upper arms. She also used the UltraShape Machine, which destroyed fat on her tummy and flanks. 
ALLURA Body Contour Launch
Christine Reyes
     She further had Endermolgie to address her cellulite problem on her thighs. The Endermologie Machine employs vacuum energy mechanical rollers. It corrected the fat cell accumulation and too much fluid retention (edema) on her thighs.

     The UltraShape Machine is a 3-in-1 machine, that employs 1.) ultra-sound technology which causes bursting (implosion) of the fat cells of the area being treated. The 2.) suction/vacuum probe hastens lymphatic drainage of the fat cell content (fat cells when destroyed release energy to be burned) into the blood stream. 3.) The radio frequency (RF) part of the machine treatment will tighten or firm up the skin of the area being treated since the area will be losing a lot of fat tissues and it might cause the skin to loosen up.

     Meanwhile, the VASER® Shape is one of the newest trends that their clinic carries and is currently a hit with clients for its rewarding results. It is a non-surgical body-sculpting treatment that uses ultrasound and massage to treat unwanted fat and improve the appearance of cellulite. 

     With VASER® Shape, the ultrasonic therapy heats the deep layers of the skin, causing the underlying fat cells to break apart. The non-surgical body contouring massage helps the lymphatic system drain away the excess toxins and fats and increase blood circulation in the area. The VASER shape treatment reduces “pinchable” fat, tightens skin, and improves the appearance of cellulite. Many people notice tightening after their first session, and you are able to resume normal activities immediately without pain or downtime. In fact, immediate results can be seen and felt in just 1 session! 

     These treatment machines are US/Europe BFAD approved which guarantees the safeness of all our procedures. We acquired the machines from the inventor/discoverer of the technology and hence the treatments have sound scientific principles. And these technologies have made thousands of our customers realize that losing weight does not require them to starve themselves, or allot lengthy hours at the gym, or undergo those delicate bloody surgical operations because ALLURA has given them a safe and convenient alternative! 

     Other personalities such as Ryza Cenon, Rich Asuncion, MJ Marfori, Johan Santos and DJ Nicole Hyala have also testified about the effectivity of the services offered at ALLURA.


     Miss World Philippines 2011, Second Princess, Chloe Dauden announced on her Instagram post that Body Rejuve Tripollar is her favorite treatment in ALLURA
ALLURA Body Contour Launch
Chloe Dauden, Miss World Philippines 2011 Second Princess
     In her post online, she revealed that she is doing it at least once a week. “Body Rejuve Tripollar really helps in slimming and toning my stomach, arms and thigh.” Dauden posted. This treatment helps improve stretch marks, reduces fats in certain areas, melts cellulite and tightens skin. Same with Needle-less Mesotherapy which uses ion wave technology as it opens up the pores of the skin, giving the body time to get all the nutrients from skin care products.


Cathy Amparo described ALLURA in 3 words – “AFFORDABLE EFFECTIVE & EFFORTLESS”.

     “To say thank you, just doesn’t seem enough. So please, take these words, share them with others as a testament of the results one can get. It has made a huge difference in MY life. I only hope others can feel the same”, our happy customer said. Indeed, getting a fab and fit body has been easier this time through the slew of non-invasive slimming treatments offered by ALLURA. No need to spend tiring hours at the gym or starve yourselves because at ALLURA, we promise to deliver the most ideal results in bringing out the best version of our clients.
ALLURA Body Contour Launch
Satisfied client Catheryn Amparo showing her curves :)
6. Because they are taking on the beauty regime to the FULLEST

  • ALLURA further commits to upgrade and embrace new technologies in Slimming and Skincare and non-surgical procedures of the highest standards of quality. 
  • They continuously provide innovative programs and services and are dedicated to cleanliness, safety, and providing an environment conducive to our clients’ health and well being.
  • ALLURA strive to help their clients to achieve their goals at any level, committed to give the best service, at an affordable price, and to maintain a friendly and lasting relationship with their clients.
ALLURA Body Contour Launch
Chloe Dauden, Ara Mina, Dr. Roel Tolentino, Catheryn Amparo, and Monette Macaraeg
     Thank you so much ALLURA and to your satisfied clients who shared with us their experiences and inspiring weight-loss stories. I'm so excited to try Themolipolysis and VASER Shape on my visit. I'll be blogging my experience soon so to all who wants to achieve their body goals, ALLURA is here to make them com true! Just a heads-up, staying in shape and living a healthy lifestyle should not be focused in one season only, it should be everyday and for a lifetime! 

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