Valentine’s Day and the Long-Distance Relationship

Friday, January 29, 2016

     There’s no beating around the bush—long-distance relationships can be very tough. One of the hardest parts of loving someone from afar is not being able to spend the holidays together, and this is most obvious on the holiday dedicated to love—Valentine’s Day. No matter if you began dating a few months ago or if you’ve been in this relationship for the long haul, there’s no reason you can’t give this holiday (and your sweetheart) the attention they deserve. Whether you’re 200 miles apart or 2,000, these ideas will ensure that you and your Valentine still enjoy this occasion to the fullest.

Valentine’s Day and the Long-Distance Relationship
Dinner over Facetime

     To put it simply, technology is amazing. While you might not be able to head to restaurant hand in hand, you can still enjoy a great meal together. Order out (and make sure you get the same types of food to make this date feel as authentic as possible), buy some sweet treats, then set up your computer at the table. Once you’re ready to eat, Facetime each other and devour your meals while enjoying each other’s company. It’s the next best thing to actually being there, and you can even make it more romantic by lighting a few candles and re-plating on—gasp—real plates, instead of just eating from the takeout container.

Surprise Gifts

     Thanks to the influx of online ordering systems that now saturate our lives, getting a gift to your honey is easier than ever before, and you can pretty much find anything you need. If your sweetheart is addicted to video games, you can send an awesome subscription box from Arcade Block. This gamer-approved box comes with collectible items, t-shirts, and specialty surprises that you won’t find anywhere else. Maybe you want to go more old school with your gift. Sending a bouquet is sure to bring a smile to their face, and the vibrant petals will brighten up their entire week. You can easily order online for Valentine’s Day delivery and select whether you want to surprise them at home or at the office for a more public display that will have them happily blushing. Is your sweetheart a sucker for chocolate? Get them an order of fresh out of the oven cookies from The Cravory and have it dropped at their desk for a midday snack that will have all of their office mates salivating in their chairs. 

Take it Old School

     You can really tug at their heartstrings this Valentine’s Day by going old-fashioned and penning a beautiful love letter that they will read over and over again. Pull out that thesaurus, and write out your most sincere of sentiments. It’s not really the words that count, but the feelings behind them. You’ll be amazed at how easily the words flow once you get started, and your honey is sure to be blown away by your efforts to express how much they mean to you. Avoid sending your letter electronically; there’s nothing like the excitement of receiving an honest to goodness envelope in the mailbox and reading the handwriting of your favorite person in the whole world.

Make Some Plans

     So you can’t spend this holiday together, but you can get excited about plans for the future. Maybe spend an evening on the phone or over Skype planning a trip for later in the year. You can scour for the best deals out of your cities, buy some plane tickets, and feel the bubbling excitement of when you next get to see them. Anticipation is half the fun, after all! 

Watch a Movie Together

     If the two of you are film buffs, you’ve no doubt tried to watch movies together before. It can be a tough task to sync up your start and stop times, and if you’ve ever felt the frustration of being just a few seconds off of each other’s progress in the film, you’re not alone. Instead of relying on the “Okay, press play now!” you can use Gaze. This awesome website will automatically sync your screen with your partner’s, and one control will help you stop and start the film on both of your computers. Never again will you laugh at a joke that hasn’t happened on their end yet—that’s a Valentine’s Day gift any long-distance couple can get behind. 

     It’s definitely tough to be away from the person you love most on Valentine’s Day, but you two can make the best of your situation by incorporating these fun and loving tips to make sure the holiday is as enjoyable as possible.

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  1. These are wonderful tips for those who will be spending their V-Day far from their partner. Indeed, if both parties are willing to work things out and come up with ideas to keep the relationship burning especially on special occasions they cannot be physically together, then everything will work on their favor. :)

    ♡ Louise |


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