Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings

Saturday, August 01, 2015

     One of the things that I truly miss is going on a travel. I'm not a travel junkie but when opportunity knocks and the gods are in my favor, I will plan the trip right away. Planning a trip is not easy. There are so many things to consider like the location, expenses, and the essential things to pack. These things consist of travel essentials that you will bring in your trip like food, water, containers, skin care, and other products that will make the travel a memorable one. I have great news, my default and go-to supermarket Robinsons Supermarket wants to share with you their list of travel essential goodies that I'm sure will make your travel fuss-free

     This quarter, Robinsons Selections’ theme “Pick-up and Pack-up” is dedicated to the born traveler who is always up for an adventure. Those who are hardwired to travel can be struck by the urge to pack and go at any given time. Robinsons Selections is the convenient modern store for all travel essentials to ensure a seamlessly fun trip. It has a wide selection of grab-and-go items and healthy food offerings that are perfect for packing.
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Here is a list of fundamental items that should go in the travel bag for a guaranteed awesome trip:

1. Portable and nutrition-packed food
     If one is to go camping, it is best to bring items that require less cooking and can be-eaten hot or cold. This brings into picture Arrowhead’s flaxseed and quinoa that are both rich sources of dietary fiber and protein

2. Fundamental liquids
     Water is basic necessity and potable drinking water might not always be available when travelling. Always carry bottles of drinking water like B’lue Water in Orange and Lychee for a little twist to your regular water. 
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
B’lue Water in Orange and Lychee
Lock n' Lock Water Bottle
     Another option is to pack healthy drinks in carton boxes such as Tipco’s Broccoli and Pomegranate fresh juices. It doesn’t require refrigeration unless opened and it’s easy to dispose after.
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Tipco Brocolli Juice
3. Canned goods
     Canned goods have always been every traveler’s trusted companion. It is a meal in a can that’s easy to pack and doesn’t take up too much space. Palm corned beef is highly recommended and it comes in three delightful variants: garlic, onion and bbq.
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Palm Barbecue Corned Beef
4. Raw cheese slices
     Although cheese may not be considered exactly necessary, but adding dairy to your diet is actually healthy too. Transform simple packed sandwiches into something special by slipping in a hefty slice of cheese. Choose Kraft processed cheese for a creamy twist.
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Kraft Cheddar Cheese
5. Fruits
     Maintain access to important vitamins and minerals by packing produce that doesn’t easily bruise like Alfa’s Fuji apples and Australian Crimson grapes. But with all the stuffing of items in the bag the possibility of the produce turning into mush is nigh, which brings us to another important item.

6. Containers
     Season travelers know the value of hard-sided containers. Use Saw Glass Foodkeeper with locks and Boseal Round Glass Heat to protect packed produce and other things. It is wise to invest in leak-proof containers such as these, as they are convenient and efficient. For water bottle, Lock n' Lock is your best bet. It's BPA Free and easy to clean and use plus it comes in different colors too!
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Lock n' Lock Water Bottle
7. Sanitizers
     Hygiene standards vary among destinations. Nevertheless, it is recommended to frequently wash hands to prevent illnesses. For a quick clean on the go get Cleene alcohol or hand sanitizers such as that of Human Nature’s, which comes in Citrus and Floral scents.
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Cleene Cleansing Spray
8. Insect repellent
     Insect repellent is an absolute necessity especially when travelling to places where mosquitoes and other insects are known to transmit diseases. Take refuge in Human Nature’s insect repellant and lotion bug shield. This is my favorite insect repellent and I highly recommend this brand. Bought more than five bottles and I can truly attest to its effectiveness.
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Human Heart Nature Bug Shield
9. Skin regimen basics
     Staying pretty and pleasant throughout a trip should not be underrated. Maintain your daily skin regimen with the Olay Regenerist Serum and Total Effects available in travel-sizes. Keep your skin looking in top-shape with the Pond’s Flawless White BB cream and Vaseline lotion with SPF30.
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Olay Regenerist Serum, Pond's Flawless White BB Cream, Vaseline Healthy White Serum
10. Emergency snacks
     Being mobile opens up to the possibility of long travel periods with no allowance for stopovers, in this case emergency munchies at hand would be very helpful. For sweet fixes, chew on a flavorful bunch of Skittles. It is also wise to bring a box of gingerbread cookies like Anna’s Original Cappuccino and Ginger thins if looking for a bite with a crisp. This one is the new great alternative to your favorite ginger bread cookies, promise!
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Anna's Original Cappucino Thins
     Delicious Fitbars that come in Fruits, Nuts, and Chocolate are also packed with ancient grain nutrition, making it an ideal healthy and filling snack.
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Fitbars in Nuts Fiber and Fruit Fiber
     Lastly, make sure to pack all-time favorite snacks Lay’s Chips in Cheddar and Cheetos in Jalapeno and Cheddar, to enjoy with travel buddies. This is our all-time fave snacks! No doubt, both will always go inside our travel bags!
Robinsons Selections' "Pick-Up and Pack-Up" Offerings
Lay's Chips in Cheddae and Sour Cream
Cheetos Cheddar Jalapeno
     Yay! Seeing the list makes me more excited because packing will be more fun and easy. Robinsons Selections encourages everyone to live life to the fullest by providing options that help them lead healthier lives. Head on to Robinsons Selections and pack up on your travel necessities.

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