A Visit to Yellow Cab Pizza Antipolo Branch

Friday, August 28, 2015

     Hi dearies! Last August 12, I was invited by Yellow Cab Pizza Co. to visit their Antipolo branch (L Sumulong Memorial Circle Road, Antipolo City, Rizal.) to an afternoon of good food and other fun surprises. I have no idea that we were also going to make our own pizza the Yellow Cab way! That was my first pizza making experience and I truly had a blast. Aside from making our own pizza, I also have witnessed Yellow Cab's Man versus Pizza eating challenge. 

     Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is one of the most famous pizza chains here in our country. It's also a fast food chain that offers chicken, pasta, soup, and specialty pizza. Yellow Cab was initially inspired by the New York concept, and the brand's identity radiates the passion and energy of this cosmopolitan icon. To know more about the intimate event, scroll down please :)
A Visit to Yellow Cab Pizza Antipolo Branch
You know it's Yellow Cab if...

     You see the yellow and black license plates of New York cabs. The checkerboard theme continues in their stores, where customers are greeted by retro-industrial interiors. You see high ceilings, exposed ducts and concrete walls.
A Visit to Yellow Cab Pizza Antipolo Branch
     They have an open, compact kitchen, so the aroma of fresh dough and delicious toppings baking in their ovens drift easily onto their dining areas. 

     The taste is truly different. The pizzas have unique flavor. These flavors also caters to the kind of diet you have. There's a seafood and vegetarian flavor, so vegans and seafood lovers will really love the exquisite taste of Yellow Cab Pizzas.
A Visit to Yellow Cab Pizza Antipolo Branch
Yellow Cab Pizza Menu
     The texture of their pizza slices can be rolled and can be fold. They also serve chicken wings, pasta in different unique flavors that good for sharing! So after the tour, they served us their best-selling pizza, hot wings, and pastas. We had Hot Wings, New York's Finest, Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, Chicken Alfredo Pasta, and Seafood Alfredo Pasta. (not in photo)
A Visit to Yellow Cab Pizza Antipolo Branch
Yellow Cab Pizza Hot Wings and New York's Finest Pizza
A Visit to Yellow Cab Pizza Antipolo Branch
Yellow Cab Pizza Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta and Chicken Alfredo Pasta
       During the event, one of the Yellow Cab Pizza crew taught me how to make my own chicken barbeque pizza. At first I was nervous because it's my first time to make a pizza and it is not the ordinary pizza flavor. It's one of the signature flavors Yellow Cab offers to their customers. I'll summarize the steps I've learned in making Yellow Cab's Chicken Barbeque Pizza below:

  • Washed and sanitized my hands.
  • Placed the pizza dough in the pizza pan.
  • Spread the hickory smoked barbeque sauce on top of the pizza dough.
  • Topped it with mozarella and romano cheese
  • Placed the red onions and chicken strips on top of the cheese.
  • Topped again with mozarella and romano cheese.
  • Placed the pizza in the oven.
  • After 5 minutes, got it hot off the oven.
  • Placed the cilantro leaves on top.
  • Sliced. 
  • Served.
  • Now I'm CRAVING!!!

A Visit to Yellow Cab Pizza Antipolo Branch
My Yellow Cab Pizza Chicken Barbeque Pizza
     After making my own pizza, I've witnessed another exciting contest that Yellow Cab offers their customers. It's the Man VS Pizza Eating Challenge. There were five contenders that day. They were given an 18" pizza that they need to eat in 30 minutes. The fastest person to finish an 18" pizza wins a monthly supply of New Yorker Pizza for 6 months! Cool and exciting right? Congratulations to the winner!
A Visit to Yellow Cab Pizza Antipolo Branch
Yellow Cab Pizza Co. Man vs Pizza Challenge in action plus the winner.
     Thank you so much Yellow Cab Pizza Co. for having us. I truly enjoyed my visit and you guys made my grumbling tummy super happy! I'll definitely be back in Yellow Cab any day soon. So dearies don't forget to treat your family and friends to a day of fun in Yellow Cab Pizza branch near you!

"Nothing beats Yellow Cab Pizza. Can you?" Join the Man VS Pizza contest and show some love to Yellow Cab!

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  1. Pizza making if really fun. How I wish I can make my own din. Mukhang ang saya lang. Hihi. :)

  2. It's been a while since I've eaten a Yellow Cab pizza, malayo kasi kami sa kabihasnan haha!

    Nagcrave tuloy ako bigla.


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