How Do You Treat Your Maid?

Monday, July 06, 2015

     Getting a housemaid to do the chores for you at home might be a good and helpful move, especially if your hands are full juggling work and your kids, not mentioning pampering yourself. With the help of, finally, you can get your hands off most of the dirty work. You can now have someone to help you in cleaning the car, or doing the laundry. Finally, you will get to have someone who can stay at home and feed your kids when you are away.

     On a different note, most of us wish to be treated fairly in our own workplaces, but have you also thought about the treatment you are showing to your maids? Have you thought about why you fail on keeping a maid for a long time? Maybe because you keep on beating her like she doesn’t know anything every time she commits a mistake. Imagine this, how would you like it if your boss would slap or beat you every time you made a mistake?
How Do You Treat Your Maid?
     Do you treat or consider them as humans? Or just some robots that follow orders from you? Some employers, if not all, become too lazy and often disdain doing what is considered as easy to-do jobs and eventually will have to depend to their housemaids even if there are no children in the house. Carry shopping bags around or cook easy-to-do food while overlapping tasks within the house are what most, if not all, maids do. 

Learn to consider. 
     Maids are humans too. They get tired, they get confused and they need to relax somehow. Before giving them tasks, it won’t hurt if you get to know them first, introduce them to your family especially to your kids, so that there is proper recognition. A little bit of consideration won’t cost you too much; expecting them to know almost every task is alright but mastering every bit of the work would be quite overboard. Yes, you are paying them to do things but also remember, they only have one body and they can’t do multiple things at the same time.

Treat them with respect.
     Let’s go back to employer-employee relations. It is important to address and relay things with respect to the ones on the receiving end. And vice versa. Thus, dealing with your maid should come with respect so she would treat you as a good form of authority too. There is no better way than giving orders with respect.

Reprimand but don’t go overboard. 
     Some employers abuse their power over their household helpers, making them look helpless to the point of offending them. Reprimanding is okay as long as you don’t beat your maid to do everything at once. Raising your voice can be justifiable if and only if an unforgivable mistake is done. Your maid can learn to do things around and they will be more productive if you say things nicely and not nastily. 

Allow them to take their days off. 
     There are abusive employers who keep their helpers from using mobile phones or even from watching TV.There are also some employers who give their maids the freedom to use technology as long as they know when and where to use them. You can be strict but don’t push it too hard. Maids have their families to contact to so be sure to respect that as well. Aside from that, maids should be given the chance to unwind for a time from work. 

Don’t treat them as slaves. 
     Instead, motivate them to do well in their chores. Treating them as your slaves will only make things difficult and will create a rift in the long run. Maids also need to have that sense of belongingness because in truth, most of them have sacrificed much for their families and their children and decided to spend their time for your own just to provide food on the table for their own families. Performance wise, try to train her on how to manage your house because first of all, you are the owner and you know what goes around it. Maids are really just there to help you out. 
How Do You Treat Your Maid?
     In sum, it is possible for maids to experience many bad things in the homes of their employers, making them feel offended and uncared for. However, it is also possible to share what you have with them, treat them nicely and with respect because they too deserve courtesy at all times. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this ms.Kath, we haven't a maid in the house but i really appreciate those maid that had work hard for the family that they rendering their services,faithfully doing their task with honesty and integrity.. i salute those maid :-) :-)

  2. I had instay maid before when my son was two years old. I am happy to read tips about our helper. These tips are really helpful..

  3. Very helpful and great! Thanks you very much for this tips, I'm relieved i can prepare good enough. Thanks a lot! Good relationships always start with good communication and the most important way to make your househelpers happy is through creating the right environment.

    1. Hi Wanted yaya,

      No worries! Thank you also for sharing your insights.


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