Dhalton Home Showroom Launch

Monday, June 22, 2015

     We all have a dream house and we want to make sure that the furniture we invest are timeless pieces that will last a lifetime. Before, investing in luxury furniture and other home accessories can be tricky. You have to carefully select a furniture gallery that will meet your expectations and demands. There are few names in the world of luxury furniture industry and one of the recent addition is the opening of Dhalton Home.

     In Metro Manila, one stand out exception is Dhalton Home, a European-inflected furniture gallery featuring a consolidation of classic and modern designs. The gallery is located in the exclusive old-rich borough of New Manila in Quezon City, a thirty-minute to an hour drive if you’re coming from the south. Now regaining its reign as the most coveted neighborhood in Quezon City with all the sprawling houses and glamorous lifestyle, New Manila perfectly calls Dhalton Home as one of its own. Situated right within the award-winning Robinsons Magnolia complex, it is far from the dross traffic and congestion. But the gallery more than repays the effort of getting here. 
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
     Dhalton Home showcases superbly crafted furniture pieces, service that is slightly formal and unfailingly gracious, calm and light ambience, and a complimentary consultation service for all its clients. Entering the gallery, you will be welcomed by a doorman, classical music, and seating areas to lounge on. The hues are light sea foam greens, golds, and browns, and the textures are dainty yet regal: exquisite tiles, iron, and light textiles. The interiors are fretted with greens and French doors, and at first sight the gallery calls forth associations that are all sentimental – a lovely Europeanmanor or a garden chateau in a bright sunny season.
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
     This concept is the vision of its creative director, Geoffrey Chua, whose goal is to make Dhalton Home a world of its own. As an interior designer himself who have worked with numerous A-class clients, he knows how a home can make one feel imperial. So from its brand products to service style, all are designed and planned out to bring a pleasurable furniture buying experience for its patrons. As he did in the overall conceptualization of the gallery, Chua set off on a quest to look for the right designers and manufacturers that would meet the outstanding standards he wants to offer. 
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
Dhalton Home Creative Director and Owner Mr. Geoffrey Chua
     Most of the key pieces are sourced in Denmark where it is carefully designed and set for manufacturing. But what really put its roster of products exceptionally on top are its meticulous details, above quality raw materials and tedious quality-control process. Dhalton puts great value in precision, thus most items are manufactured using top-of-the-line technology and specialized machinery which in turn minimize error and produce superior quality that is evident to the eye. While Dhalton Home also carries products handcrafted locally or in other Asian regions, it follows the same manufacturing standards to stay true to its brand promise of offering only the best to its clients.
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
L-R: Dhalton Home counter, Ceramic and Paulownia Vases, Digging this Carnarvon Left Closet and Chester Sofa
     Each Dhalton Home piece is a modern rendition of European charm and classic design aesthetics. The pieces will remind you of those royal manors and luxury estates with dedicated butlers minus the dark hues and bulky furniture. Instead, Dhalton Home pieces are rendered to seamlessly blend with the modern go-go lifestyle of today’s urban dwellers while highlighting their adoration for fine things and sophistication. 
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
L-R: Tudor Cabinet, Stuart Console Table, Lily Armchair, Pawn Stool and another Carnarvon Right Closet
     Dhalton Home summarizes that quintessential aspiration of many when it comes to luxury home designing: that is to make every home brilliantly cut-out not just for comfort and style, but to conclude the very persona of its sophisticated, cultured dweller.
Dhalton Home Showroom Launch
L-R: Ceramic and Paulownia Vases, Pawn Stool, Chatsworth Drawer, and Mosaico Jewelry/Accessories Cabinet

  • Dhalton Home is far from your regular home store. As a “Furniture Gallery”, all pieces in their store are carefully designed and curated according to the ideals of the brand which stands for modern luxury and elegance. Their pieces are not just products. They are a designer’s sentimental idea, a well-refined craftsmanship, and a masterfully-made creation. 
  • Most of the sofas and cabinets are manufactured in Denmark and other parts of Europe, and coordinated with their single supplier in Canada. Items such as the jars and vases are kilned and hand painted in Shanghai. They also have items that are made here locally. Whether they are made in Denmark, China or Philippines, all pieces undergo a rigorous inspection process before it is brought to us. 
  • To maintain its precision and consistency, all furniture pieces are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and specialized machinery which assure an almost zero error rate. Their matchless lacquer finish for instance is an output of an infrared lacquer booth that adds a defined mirror-like finish to all lacquered products. 
  • The raw materials of their products are also carefully chosen to come up with the most high-quality pieces that don’t brittle with age. In some accessories, we use Paulownia wood which is resistant to fire, decay and rotting. It is also known for its very light weight and durability. 
  • To assist its client in choosing furniture and arranging the total look of their space, Dhalton Home is offering free interior design consultation exclusive to its clients. Customization is limited only to key products. Clients are free to choose from designated fabric swatches or paint color accurately set and provided by the designer himself..

     Thank you so much Dhalton Home for having me. It's an honor to be part of the blessing and launching of your first luxury furniture showroom in Robinson's Magnolia. To all my readers out there, investing in fine furniture can be easy as 1,2,3 with the help of Mr. Chua's team and Dhalton Home. So if you want your dream home to have the best furniture in town, Dhalton Home is here to help! Prices of their products are available upon request so make sure to visit their website and follow their social media accounts for updates!

For more information about Dhalton Home, visit their website: http://www.dhalton.com/
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Follow them on Twitter: @dhaltonhomePH
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  2. on of this day puntahan namin yang place na yan to look for the very nice furniture para sa ginagawa house ng husband ko to plan sa ilalagay at gagamitin gamit,,the house is modern style..


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