MYGOLD SM Makati Store Opening

Saturday, May 09, 2015

     This post is just in time for Mother's Day. If you're still searching for a precious and memorable gift for your mom or your wife or to the woman of your life, a jewelry is always a good option. Don't think it's out of your budget because there are brands of jewelry in the market today that offers high quality but affordable timeless pieces.

     I was invited to the store launch of one jewelry store that I will recommend to you. During their opening, they have a sale that went up to 40% discount. That's an awesome deal, right? So I will not keep you waiting and will muse about the event highlights after the jump :)
MYGOLD Sm Makati Store Opening
     Before I'll share with you an excerpt of MYGOLD's story, here are three things why a jewelry is a perfect gift this Mother's Day and an accessory to keep and cherish for a lifetime.

  • Jewelry is always seen as precious heirlooms that serve more than decorative pieces, rather, a fitting remembrance celebrating one’s important milestones.
  • A Jewelry is beautiful, timeless and definitely worth keeping investment- ask this to a woman and her eyes will answer YES with a sparkle.
  • Whether it’s a symbol of love expressed through a delicate engagement ring, a symbol of a lifelong commitment expressed through a pair of wedding bands or celebrating new beginnings expressed through a dazzling pair of earrings or a lovely bracelet, jewelry always make for an attractive keepsake that multiplies in value through time. 
MYGOLD Sm Makati Store Opening
     From its humble beginnings when it was just a two-showcase display of religious items made from Philippine gold, MYGOLD went on to becoming the jeweler of choice by many because of its fine selection of exquisite craftsmanship and quality in jewelry. 

     Attracting customers from all walks of life, MYGOLD started as a two-display showcase inside the department store. It wasn’t hard for mall-goers to take notice of MYGOLD’s beautiful pieces – all elegantly displayed as they passed by the jeweler’s spot. Given the Filipino’s love for celebrating life milestones and natural inclination to express their love through more creative ways, MYGOLD jewelry has become a favored brand when it comes to quality jewelry.

     Initially offering crosses and pieces with the image of the beloved Sto. Nino, MYGOLD went on to partner with another manufacturer in 1987 in Singapore. From there, the brand started offering a more diverse lineup of pieces which featured diamonds, pearls, and today, even colored stones. 
MYGOLD Sm Makati Store Opening
MYGOLD's Pearls, Bracelets, Pendants, and Necklaces
     In 2007, MYGOLD held its first-ever private sale through a partnership with a bank. Clients were able to enjoy an exclusive viewing of the new and more sophisticated collections of the jeweler which included pieces with diamonds and south sea pearls. 

     Celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2012, MYGOLD is proud to have 15 branches all over the country, earning the trust of its clients through the years as they were also able to provide certificates for diamond purchases and other jewelry items. 
MYGOLD Sm Makati Store Opening
MYGOLD Pendants, Rings, and Earrings
So why choose MYGOLD?

  • All MYGOLD pieces are made out of love, wherein aside from offering beautiful designs and guaranteeing the best materials to be used, the jeweler also assures clients of great value for money.
  • It allows everyone to fulfill their dream of having precious pieces that will last forever.
  • The advantage of MYGOLD’s wedding ring and engagement rings is that it makes use of fine GIA certified diamonds and are able to provide certificates for most of the jewelry that they sell. You can customize a jewelry if you want to have your personal touch to be added to the piece.
  • They have special discounts and sale on their items so budget-conscious individual who wants to own a jewelry can take advantage of this offers.
MYGOLD Sm Makati Store Opening
     The store opening happened last April 30, 2015 and became a part of SM Makati's Branded Accessories Department. This is MYGOLD's first partnership with SM Malls. The ribbon cutting ceremony graced by MYGOLD representatives Merrill Gaisano (owner), Francesca Zosa (Marketing Manager) and SM representatives.
MYGOLD Sm Makati Store Opening
Merrill Gaisano (owner), Francesca Zosa (Marketing Manager) and SM representatives
     The opening of the latest MYGOLD branch included live mannequins featuring PMAP’s Jach Manere, Kylie Verzosa, Anna Buquid who wore MYGOLD’s finest diamond, South Sea pearls, and Italian gold pieces, which complemented the elegant designs of Mary Ty-Apares of Very Mary.
MYGOLD Sm Makati Store Opening
PMAP’s Jach Manere, Kylie Verzosa, Anna Buquid who wore MYGOLD’s finest diamond, South Sea pearls, and Italian gold pieces
     The opening of MYGOLD SM Makati branch was an intimate celebration and I'm very privilege to see the precious jewelry pieces in display. My eyes were sparkling all the time and I knew that I'll be back there to buy a piece or two from their pearl and Italian Gold line.

     Thank you so much MYGOLD for inviting me. So dearies, if you still don't know what to give this Mother's Day, visit their store today because there are treasured finds waiting to be discovered at MYGOLD.

Discover your own treasures by visiting MYGOLD’s latest branch today.

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