Product Review: Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask

Thursday, May 14, 2015

     Facial masks in my opinion are the 911 in skin care. Most of them are used once or twice a week because they contain rich essences that will surely rescue any skin care problem in an instant. I've been using facial masks in an on and off basis. I don't have favorite facial masks as of the moment because of my laziness applying it on my face. There are different type of facial masks and I presume for that for once in your life you have tried one.

     There are different types of facial masks to address skin care problems and needs. I'm sure you have horror stories while using facial masks. If my memory serves me right, I've tried a cream, gel, and mud type masks. It's tasking and icky messy to use those kinds of mask because body movement is restricted. What I mean is you have to stay in one place so that the product will not drip while waiting for it to dry. Then this not-so-good-experience with facial masks came to an end when I received Leaders Insolution Facial Masks weeks ago. These facial masks target skin care problem in an instant. My thoughts after using the Vita Bright variant after the jump!
Product Review: Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask 
     By the way, these facial masks are also perfect as post-summer skin repair kit. Each variant will help repair and rejuvenate your skin. For this review, I'll be sharing my thoughts on Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask. I've decided to use this mask last week because I noticed my skin so dull and dehydrated. I've been staying up late for weeks now that's why methinks the lack of sleep is taking its toll on my skin.

     I wake up early to attend events and if you follow my Instagram account I'm sure you've seen my selfies with puffy eyes and dark circles recently. If you'll look at me closer in real life, my skin looks dry and dull so one night I decided to reach out for this mask and my oh my, after one use there's an instant glow in my skin! Before my review, here are some of their best-selling masks for specific skin care needs:

Aloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask (Php 98.00)

     Skin that’s constantly exposed to the sun can become dull and looking tired. Rejuvenate your skin with an Aloe Soothing Skin Renewal Mask. This aloe-based mask instantly relieves sensitive, irritated, or inflamed skin. It also deeply moisturizes skin with the help of cactus extract.
Product Review: Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask 
Collagen Lifting Skin Renewal Mask (Php 98.00)

     Experience a non-surgical face lift at the comfort of your own home! The Collagen Lifting Skin Renewal Mask has hydrolyzed marine collagen properties which offers lifting and moisturizing effects to the skin. This mask is best for skin in need of elasticity boost and to fight early signs of aging.
Product Review: Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask 
Tea Tree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask (Php 98.00)

     Give your sensitive skin some extra TLC by using the Tea Tree Relaxing Skin Renewal Mask. The combination of tea-tree and organically-certified extracts soothes and calms skin. This mask can even be used to relieve sunburned skin.
Product Review: Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask 
Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask (Php 98.00)

     Bring back that radiant glow with the Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask! This contains strengthened vitamin C derivatives which clarifies skin, resulting to a radiant glow. These vitamin-enriched mask deeply moisturizes and restores vitality to dull skin.

  • Brightens overall skin tone and promotes a clearer more radiant look.
  • Strengthened vitamin C derivative provides nutrition and vitality to tired skin.
  • Lightens and evens skin tone giving it a moist, healthy and glowing look.
Product Review: Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask 
size: 25 ml

price: 98 php (Around $2.19)

place bought: Free
Leaders Cosmetics is available at Leaders Festival Mall, Beauty MNL (, ZALORA, and Lucky Chinatown Mall (Coming Soon)

instructions for use: Cleanse and dry face, then refine with toner. Apply mask 15-20 minutes. Do not leave until the mask has dried up as this will dehydrate your skin. Remove and tap your face for a while. Leave it around 10-15 minutes for the essence be fully absorbed.

ingredients: To be updated. No English translation of ingredients.
Product Review: Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask 
Product Review: Leaders Insolution Vita Bright Skin Renewal Mask 
L- Before R- After
My apologies for the poor lighting, I took the photo around 11 pm.  If you'll look closely, the after photo shows bright and glowing skin on the forehead and nose area. 
What I like:

  • The packaging is colorful and catchy. 
  • The price- I consider it affordable because some facial masks have double price tag.
  • It's very easy to use because I will only put this on my face and voila I'll just wait for 15 minutes.
  • Since this mask adheres to the facial contours, I can move around freely.
  • The formula in this mask is not dripping unlike others.
  • There's an English text and diagram on how to use it.
  • Immediate results guaranteed. Glowing and refreshed skin indeed.
  • No funky or weird smell.
  • No irritation, allergies, breakouts, or whatsoever. I've used a facial mask before that gave me cystic pimples the next day. 
  • As you can see in the photo above, I can say it made my eye bags less puffy.
  • The essence is not too sticky unlike those facial masks that I've tried before.

What I don't like:

  • Not easily accessible.
  • No English translation for ingredients.

Will I repurchase? Yes, this facial mask and other variants are literally a life saver!

     I give this a 4.75/5 rating. Leaders Insolution Facial Masks are great if you want to see immediate results. It has different variants too that caters to every skin care needs and problems. These masks feel luxurious to use but I can say that the price is affordable. You can use one variant every week too. I highly recommend these facial masks!

     Have you tried Leaders Insolution Facial Masks? What's your favorite variant? Thanks for sharing :)

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About Leaders Cosmetics
     Leaders Cosmetics is a professional cosmeceutical brand found in 2004 by leading dermatologists from Korea’s Seoul National University. The brand’s mission is to bring out the inner confidence in women through beautiful skin. Leaders Cosmetics promises to deliver products that are:
  • Professional. All Leaders skin care products are developed by Korea’s top dermatologists.
  • Innovative. Leaders Cosmetics continuously invests in scientific research to create unique cosmetics which will answer all existing skin problems.
  • Confident. No mineral oils, artificial colors, or animal-based ingredients are used in Leaders products. All Leaders skin care products are also dermatologically-tested.
  • Reasonable. Leaders promises a reasonable price for all customers by providing affordable cosmetic containers.


  1. Thanks for your review! I would love to try the Tea Tree mask!

  2. Ive heard these facial mask from one of my friends and its really good daw. After i read this post parang i want to go out and purchase the pink one. Hehe ang ganda ng result sayo miss kath. Might as well try it. :)

  3. Wonderful article!! I want more helpful article from you. Clear and beautiful skin is one of the main elements of a person's beauty in this summer. I keep my skin hydrated all year long with Sakare products. I would like to recommend these for all.


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