3 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat with J.CO

Thursday, April 23, 2015

     The heat is on and it's getting hotter and hotter everyday. I can say it's already extreme! I can see it, I can feel it and I can touch it! This weather is making me sick but I've heard that there are ways where I can relax, enjoy summer and beat this insane heat. Just in time for summer, one of the most favorite donut and coffee chains here in our country is treating everyone with their limited J.COFFEE creations: White Choco Frappe and White Choco Espreso Frappe! Click CONTINUE READING and read more on how you can enjoy summer at J. CO Stores :)
3 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat
3 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat from J.CO Philippines!

     I made a short list of the things that will make you enjoy summer and of course it's the J.CO and J.Coffee way! It's very easy and simple. You can do this with your family and friends so plan your visit to J.CO stores this weekend because I've heard that the heat will be very intense. 

1. Hurry and visit your favorite J.CO store

     Summer is the time where you can bond all day with family and friends. Visit your favorite J.CO store this summer as these delicious J.COFFEE creations are only available until May 31. 2015. 

2. Treat yourself for a Due or Tre size of their limited J. COFFEE creations

     I swear the Uno size is not enough once you've tasted the White Choco Frappe! This is perfect for the Vanilla and White Chocolate lovers, a summer drink that is fused with vanilla, white chocolate sauce, loaded with hefty white chocolate chunks and served ice-cold!
3 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat
J. COFFEE White Choco Frappe
3. For the coffee lovers give your caffeine fix a different twist at J. CO

     Some like it hot while some like it cold, your coffee should not be boring so enjoy them cold! Here's a new twist to your usual mocha frappe, the sheer and velvety deliciousness of the White Choco Expresso Frappe will surely tickle your taste buds!
3 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat
J. COFFEE White Choco Espresso Frappe
     Before I forgot, these delicious creations from J. COFFEE are best partnered with the Don Mochino, J. CO's signature donut covered in dark chocolate with cream filling! Ugh, I've been craving for another Tre of White Choco Espresso Frappe at this hour :( Kenzo got his ice-cold fix White Choco Frappe a while ago. 
3 Ways To Beat the Summer Heat with J.CO
J.Coffee White Choco Frappe with FREE Mr. Greentease for any size purchased :)
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  1. I love to eat white choco frappe! i'ts very yummy and its feels good when you taste it. Thanks!


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