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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

     Hello dearies! Who here loves reading? A book worm maybe, but that doesn't matter as long as you thirst for new information I'm pretty sure you want to own a hardbound book. In this age of digital technology, most books are in form of e-books. I'm not against those gadgets and book reader apps but I confess that I still prefer the traditional way of reading. I love flipping the pages of magazines, the smell of old books in the library, colorful visuals of cookbooks, and loads of information from reference books like dictionaries, language learning booklets, and many more!

     Months ago, Tuttle Publishing asked me if I want to feature their books and give one of them to my readers. Without a doubt, I said yes because I want to rekindle my love in studying Foreign languages and I find their language learning books interesting because some include audio discs, charts, and flashcards! When I visited Tuttle's website, I found a wide selection of books- name it, they have it because they are publishing 150 new titles every year! Whew! To know more about Tuttle and the books they've sent me, click CONTINUE READING now and discover how Tuttle Publishing is Bringing People Together, One Page at a Time!

Feature: Tuttle Publishing Company + Giveaway!
     The core of Tuttle Publishing is built upon one objective: pioneering into future while building upon our past. Our fundamental values are as strong today as they were in 1948: to discover, create, publish, and deliver best-in-class books and products that bring the World closer together one-page turn at a time. With Asia’s expanding economic, cultural and political influence in the world, the need for meaningful dialogue and information about this diverse and vibrant region has never been greater.​ Since 1948 Tuttle Publishing has given the world access to the cultures, visual arts, cuisines, languages, and literature of Asia through the pages of our award-winning book.

Feature: Tuttle Publishing Company + Giveaway!
     The Tuttle Publishing Company was established in 1948 in Rutland, Vermont, and Tokyo, Japan, and is today regarded as a premier publisher and seller of books rooted in Asian culture, language, and history.

     Since its founding in 1948, Tuttle has published more than 6,000 books and today maintains an active backlist of around 2,000 titles. Many of the books originally published by Charles Tuttle in the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s remain popular today—a great testament to his success as a publisher and his keen insight into delivering relevant content that stands the test of time. Today, Tuttle publishes 150 new titles each year in focusing on: 
  • Asian Languages
  • Asian Food and Cooking
  • Gardening and Flower Arranging
  • Crafts and Origami, Children’s Books
  • Martial Arts
  • Asian Literature
  • Games and Graphic Novels
  • Asian History and Culture
  • Health and Fitness
  • Self-help and Eastern Religion
  • Asian Art and Collectibles
  • Interior Design and Architecture
  • Travel Guides
  • Maps
  • Business Books

      Tuttle products are available in printed formats as well as popular eBook formats.​ So if you prefer reading eBooks, Tuttle also have that in store for you! I received 4 books from Tuttle: 2 language learning kits, 1 language reference book, and the most colorful and cutesy among them is the EVERYDAY BENTO BOOK that I'll be giving away to one lucky reader :)

Feature: Tuttle Publishing Company + Giveaway!
      Here's a closer look of the books from Tuttle Publishing that are available in Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.


     Tuttle Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Flash Cards is the #1 language-learning kit that will help you learn the Japanese hiragana and katakana characters quickly and easily.

Feature: Tuttle Publishing Company + Giveaway!
Japanese Hiragana and Katakana Flash Cards

This kit contains:
  • 200 Flash Cards with handy organizing ring which I like because I can bring them anytime, anywhere fuss-free! It's travel friendly because I can place the flashcards inside my pocket or bag then take them out whenever I want to.
  • Audio Recordings of more than 1,100 words and phrases. This is best used in the comforts of home. I can also transfer the audio recording from cd to my computer then to my android phone where I can play it whenever I want to listen how native speakers talk. 
  • 2 24" x 18" Wall Charts- perfect to hang inside my room so that I can recite and memorize words, phrases and sentences before I go to sleep or when I have free time!
  • 32-page study booklet with indexes and practice tips- a great tutor indeed!


     Tuttle Essential Japanese will help you speak Japanese with confidence. Start to converse in Japanese immediately. I think this reference book is great for those who are going to Japan for a business trip, visiting their relatives, and first-timers who will work or study there.

Feature: Tuttle Publishing Company + Giveaway!Essential Japanese
     With Essential Japanese you'll learn the practical basics used in common, everyday interactions in Japan in a way that's clear, concise, accessible and enjoyable. You'll find:
  • Essential expressions are used when meeting people, starting conversations, and asking and replying to simple question. I guess knowing the basics can make you survive a week in Japan :)
  • A glossary of over 2000 words and expressions to ensure that the right word and phrase is always at your fingertips. 
  • A pronunciation guide and grammar notes to teach you the basic sounds and sentences constructions.


     Tuttle Japanese For Kids Flash Cards is a fun and kid-friendly introduction to Japanese! This language kit is for ages 4-12 and beyond, I agree with the latter because I find the kit fun and exciting. I love looking at the kid's flashcards because the pictures are cute and fun! I can say these flashcards are perfect for home or classroom, a Japanese learning adventure designed for kids- I do agree!

Feature: Tuttle Publishing Company + Giveaway!Tuttle Japanese for Kids Flash Cards

This set contains:
  • 64 Flash Cards (4" x 5.5") that get children talking- about Numbers, Colors, Food, and more. Kenzo likes the flashcards and he remembers the word after 2 or 3 glances at the pictures. It's colorful and the pictures are perfect for kids. These everyday words and sentences can help children learn naturally. 
  • Audio CD that provides native pronunciation of the Japanese words, and sample sentences for practice plus Japanese songs to help with learning. Learning words for Kenzo is easy because before I received this kit, he's watching Tomica die-cast cars from YouTube so he is a bit familiar with simple Japanese words.
  • Color Wall Chart (24" x 36") that keeps all the new vocabulary in sight. We both like this chart, it's fun to use and I feel like a real teacher teaching my son his language lessons. With this wall chart, we can play while learning!
  • Learning Guide for Parents and Teachers that tells me how to use the cards for the most effective learning. Also includes activities and games :) Learning Japanese for kids will be so much fun!


     Tuttle Everyday Bento is the first book from the package that caught my attention. It's cute and colorful. The cover has embossed photos and the pages are glossy, oh I would like to own a oh so cutesy book like this! This book contains 50 cute and yummy lunches to go. 

     Bento Box is becoming popular here in our country and I've seen mommy bloggers preparing their kids' meal the Bento Box way! 

Feature: Tuttle Publishing Company + Giveaway!
Tuttle Everyday Bento
     Your kids will look forward to lunch every single day with the delightful collection of recipes in Everyday Bento :) According to the author of the book Wendy Thorpe Copley:
The Bento food movement teaches us that foods can be attractive, nutritious, fun and delicious- all at the same time.Kids love to try foods that bring a smile to their faces, and will often eat things they wouldn't otherwise try.
     Besides being great fun to look at, bento lunches are a healthy way to enjoy food while keeping portions in check. Freshly-prepared lunches packed in portable, reusable boxes are also kind to the environment and easy on the wallet- very important in today's economy.

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