5 Makeup Hacks You Never Thought About

Monday, March 23, 2015

     Craving to carry an enigmatic look? Well, to start with, let’s have a brief look at how our makeup industry transformed with those innocent and innovative hacks. It’s been thousands of years that Egyptians made use of aromatic oils to soften their skin soft and cover body odours. Imagine what you call them today! They are popular as moisturizers and deodorants.

     Around 600 decades back, Egyptians daubed kohl around their eyes and today they have come to be known as eye liners.

     Going in the same line, the people of China around 1000 years back coloured their nails with something that is a melange of egg, gum, gum Arabic, gelatine and beeswax. Guess what we call them today? They are the stunning, glossy and colourful nail polish. 

     Further down the timeline, Japanese used rice powder to waxen their faces. Today, you call that loose powder. 

     Aren’t they cool and smart? Wait a moment before you arrive to a conclusion. With loud popularity of the Internet, this present generation has discovered some crazy, off-beat and alluring make-up hacks that you can attempt at home. Here, steal a look at the 5 most surprising make up hacks.
5 Makeup Hacks You Never Thought About

1. Add saline water to dried up mascara to re-wet it

     So, if you have a bottle of dried up mascara that you are planning to throw away fearing that it would cause eye infections, try this trick. Revive the solution with few drops of saline water and apply the shining gel. 

2. Convert pencil eyeliner into a gel

     Hold your kohl eye pencil under the flame for a second. Leave it to cool for few seconds and watch the magic. The consistency changes magically to a gel liner. So, here you go with an instant smudge formula. 

3. Get the appealing winged eye liner

     Achieving the winged effect on your upper eye lashes will not make you stand in front of the mirror for long. Yeah! You can do it in an absolutely easy way! For that, you just need a simple household item and that is spoon! 

     You can start your eye liner for a cat-eye look, then press the bulging side of the spoon against your eye lid and then gradually move it outwards to create the winged effect.

     Wow, you have got a perfectly curved winged effect. Steal a glance of yourself at the mirror and you would be stunned to see your transformed beauty.

4. Lip colour magic

     Here you go with a tricky guide to flaunt a long-lasting lip colour. It may take some moment, but payoff is definitely worth it! If you have some loose eye shadow pigments with you can blend it with a tad of a salve, like those branded balms available in stores or petroleum jelly. Blend it in a spoon (that is also a common household item) and swipe it onto your lips! Are you already ecstatic to try out?

5. Lip gloss hack

     Crush those broken eye shadow into powder and mix with petroleum jelly to turn into vibrant lip gloss. Smudge it and flaunt a charismatic look!

     So, whether you are a mother, a daughter, a house maker, a workaholic, a teenager, a young adult, you would love to flaunt a flawless beauty with touches of make ups. These are some incredible and interesting make up hacks that you would find it hard to believe. Yeah! You can flaunt a stunning look with the above-mentioned crazy makeup hacks. 

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