Locycare Nail Gel Launch #BareThoseNails

Sunday, March 22, 2015

     Can you #BareThoseNails? I presume the answer will not be a resounding yes but half yes, half maybe and mostly no. If you love painting your nails on a daily basis, I will not be surprised if you can't bare those nails. I'm sure that long time nail polish users are worrying about the state of their nails. Nail polishes look pretty in our nails but in the long run, it will take its toll not only in the nail bed but also on the surrounding parts like the cuticle and free edge.

     While putting on nail colors is aesthetically pleasing, have you ever thought how these products, from one application to another, may adversely affect the condition of your nail plates? Nail polishes contain chemicals that may affect the condition of your nails that's why proper care should be accompanied every time you opt to have your manicure and pedicure in at your favorite nail spa or at the comfort of your own home. Without proper care, unhealthy, dull and discolored nails will result and there are times can pose minor health risk. We don't want that to happen, right? So here's a great news for nail polish addicts! Galderma Philippines introduces Locycare Nail Gel. To know more about the product, click CONTINUE READING and join me as I #BareThoseNails!
Locycare Nail Gel Launch #BareThoseNails
     Last week, I was invited to the launch of Locycare Nail Gel together with other bloggers to get the fist dibs on this breakthrough product in nail care. The event happened at Maison by Nail Spa at Rockwell. Invited guests were pampered with signature services offered only by Maison. I chose the anti-aging hand and foot spa service. I cannot recall when was the last time I had my foot spa so the service I've chosen was perfect for my always tired legs and feet.
Locycare Nail Gel Launch #BareThoseNails
     Locycare is a gel developed to make nails look healthier and damage-free. There will be a visible improvement of discolored and brittle nails after two weeks of use. 

     Locycare is the right product for you if you have:
  • Visibly yellow, gray or lightly discolored nails in the first glance.
  • Dry and parched nails.
  • Fragile nails that splits and breaks easily.
  • Thickened and has an irregular shape when grown.
      Locycare will give you healthy-looking nails in 2 weeks:

  • It deeply hydrates and goes beyond the nail bed, keeping it from turning dull, dry and opaque. 
  • It restores the natural water content of your nails and promotes healthy nail regrowth.
Locycare Nail Gel Launch #BareThoseNails
      Before Locycare was applied to my dry, dull and discolored toe nails, the nail technician prepped them first. The calluses were scrape off, there was a relaxing foot scrub that was applied on my legs. It's minty that's why the cooling sensation soothed my tired legs. Then my toe nails were cut, cleaned and polished to remove excess dead skin on the nail bed. I had bare nails waiting for Locycare.
Locycare Nail Gel Launch #BareThoseNails
     Same procedure was done to my finger nails sans scrubbing calluses. Hahaha! By the way, i love that the nail technicians are so polite asking me if they'll cut my nails short and the remain the shape. After the cleaning, polishing, and filling, Locycare was applied on my finger nails. The clear gel doesn't have funky smell, no other negative reactions felt before and after application.
Locycare Nail Gel Launch #BareThoseNails
Jon Lee Galderma Philippines Brand Manager and Ms. Agoo Bengzon Locycare's brand ambassador
     Jon Lee, brand manager for Galderma Philippines (self-medication) gave us important points about Locycare. Ms. Agoo Bengzon, Locycare's brand ambassador shared an important lesson her not so good experience on painting her nails weekly. 
As a beauty editor and enthusiast, learning about and using nail polis has become part of my routine. I have to admit, I enjoy the wide range of colors I can paint on my nails and it is something that boosts my mood and confidence. However, overuse of nail polish leads me to have dry, rough nails. i am more than happy to have discovered the innovative technology that is Locycare. Locycare helps me take proper care of my nails by restoring and locking in the nails' natural moisture. And the best part yest? I can see the impressive results in just two weeks.
     I have to share what Ms. Agoo has to say with Locycare because I follow her on Instagram and yes she is sporting different bold colors of nail polishes every week. I envy her because she has beautiful hands and before this revelation, I'm not aware that she's already bothered about the state of her nails due to overuse of nail polish. If you follow her on Instagram, have you seen her nails? she can #BareThoseNails now because of Locycare. I cannot believe that after two weeks her nails are already back to its healthy state :)
Locycare Nail Gel Launch #BareThoseNails
Visibly, healthy nails for the win!
     Fresh from Locycare application, I can #BareThoseNails too! As you can see on the photo above, the gel was applied on my finger nails and I'm just waiting for it to be fully absorbed on the nail bed. I'm also happy that my dull, dry, and discolored toe nails will be ready to go back in healthy state after two weeks of twice a day application of Locycare. I'll share a photo of my toe nails in my Instagram account after two weeks!

     Thank you so much Castro PR (Janlee and Mikki), Jon Lee and the team behind the Locycare Launch. Locycare is here to revolutionize nail care amongst nail polish enthusiasts, consumers, and beauty consultants. You too can achieve perfect, bare, happy, and healthy nails with Locycare!

Locycare is now available in all leading Mercury Drug branches (Php 600.00)
To know more about Locycare, visit www.locycare.ph
For holistic nail care visit www.healthynails.ph
Like them on Facebook: Locycare Philippines

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  1. When I saw the launch, I thought this was gel polish! My mom needs this so bad because her nails are becoming brittle due to overuse of polish. I'll make her buy Locycare nga :P


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