Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY

Tuesday, December 02, 2014

     Filipinos love to eat. In our family, eating is not just the normal "eat to satisfy your hunger" need. We eat because it is also our way of bonding. Aside from eating at home, we love eating or dinning out. Since there are lots of restaurants nowadays, choosing the right place to dine is easy but sometimes there are hassles that come with it. Dining out can be a pain when there is a long queue at the restaurant or when the restaurant is not accessible and needs a one to two hour ride from your home. 

     Good thing there's food delivery. I'm happy that 212-1212 or twoanyone.com tied up with bloggers to give you more information about their food delivery service. twoanyone.com is a world-class delivery, take-out, and catering service for hundreds of restaurants, retailers and specialty stores. It's my first time to have our food delivered by twoanyone.com and the fambam were satisfied with the service and the foods that we ordered. Photos and feature of the restaurants after the jump. Click CONTINUE READING dearies!
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
     twoanyone.com/ 212-1212 delivery gives access to over 500 restaurants in 1000 locations in the metro. Services offered are as follows:
  • Delivery 
  • Take-out
  • Drive-through,
  • Catering 
  • Reservations
     Whoa! that's a lot of service from one number that is very easy peasy to remember :) But wait, no access to land line phones? There are several ways to order:
  • Call the delivery hotline 212-1212
  • Order online at www.twoanyone.com
  • Text ORDER to 0918-2121212 0922-2121212 (twoanyone will call the customer back to take their order) 
  • Order using your mobile phone via twoanyone Mobile App, free to download via Apple Store or Google Play
     I was given a gift certificate to order the food that we like from Congo Grille and Cupcakes by Sonja. Since our land line phone at home was acting up that time we decided to have our food delivered to my parent's house. I ordered online. Ordering is so easy. Click on the location then the name of the restaurant. The food menu will pop-up, complete with price and other information. Just click on the food and it will be placed in an invoice like window. Once done, proceed to checkout. At the checkout menu, I was prompted to enter my delivery information, the payment method and the time of delivery. Everything happened in less than 5 minutes. A customer service representative will call back and verify the order and that's it :) Food is ready for delivery.

     So now, here are the food items that we ordered from Congo Grille. We had Tuna Sisig, Kare-Kare Vegetable, Ginisang Kangkong, Congo Grille Spicy Chicken, Molo Soup, Pork Ampalaya and Crispy Pata. These are the foods that we miss eating at home. Since the preparation of these meals may require a lot of time and effort, ordering from a restaurant and have the food delivered at home made our meal preparation fuss-free and we got to taste something that's new to our palate like the Tuna Sisig and Congo Grille Spicy Chicken.
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
Congo Grille
     My dad liked the Tuna Sisig so much! Almost all of the viands we ordered came in fresh, were cooked the way it should be and made our hungry tummy satisfied. 
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
Congo Grille Tuna Sisig
     My fave from the dishes we ordered were Crispy Pata, Ginisang Kangkong, Kare-Kare Vegetable, and Ampalaya con Karne.
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
Congo Grille Amplaya con Karne
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
Congo Grille Garlic Kangkong
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
Congo Grille Crispy Pata
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
Congo Grille Kare-Kare Vegetables
      Since our family is composed of sweet tooth individuals, I'm not alone literally because if you're a long time reader of this blog I'm assuming you know that my love for desserts is undying. Hahaha! The gift certificate from Cupcakes by Sonja made the saying "there's always room for dessert" made possible. 
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
Cupcakes by Sonja
     Since it's my first time to try their cupcakes, I ordered mostly the most raved flavor of cupcake nowadays- Red Velvet. I ordered these flavors: Red Velvet Vixen, Bunny Hugger, Mocha Motion and Vanilla Sunshine with Pink Frosting.
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
Cupcakes by Sonja
     The kids and kid's at heart totally diggin' these cupcakes. The Red Velvet Vixen is the bomb! As in we we're talking about it until the next day.

     As for 2121212's service, I'm totally satisfied! The food was delivered ahead of time, it was 30 minutes earlier. The Cupcakes by Sonja landed safely at home. The rider said that 'twas one of the delicate kind of delivery per se because he has to brave the humps on the road in order to deliver the cupcakes in their real form. Well, good job and thank you for making our cupcakes safe and still in good shape the moment it reached our home.

     Make holiday gatherings hassle free and prepare fuss-free meals by ordering foods from your favorite restaurant through 2121212, twonayone.com's food delivery service. Enjoy your favorite food from the restaurant at the comfort of your homes and make holidays extra special. 

Php1,500 Food Gift Certificates Giveaway :)
Have a Hassle Free Holiday with 212-1212 /twoanyone.com Food Delivery + GIVEAWAY
     And now, I want two readers of this blog to have a hassle free Holiday! I'm giving away 2 (two) Php1,500 Food Gift Certificates from twoanyone.com. All you have to do is answer the question from the raffleapp below on the comment section together with your Facebook and Twitter URL. You also need to log in MANDATORY entries on the rafflecopter app below. Please follow the instructions below or your entries will be disqualified. The giveaway is good for 10 days only! So join now! Good luck to all joining :)


  1. I love banapple and i am going to order their Creamy Chicken Pie and a slice of blueberry cheesecake.

    Name: Ma. Clarice Lao - Itumay
    Email: maclaricezlao@gmail.com
    Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/maclarice.lao
    Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/valandclai
    Instagram URL: http://instagram.com/valandclai

  2. Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee - Would love to have Dulce DeLeche
    Name Arminda Puno De Leon
    Email armindadeleon@gmail.com
    Facebook URL https://www.facebook.com/armindapunodeleon
    Twitter URL https://twitter.com/Puno1971
    Instagram URl http://instagram.com/armiepuno1971

  3. Bubba Gump Shrimp Co.

    Bubba's After the Storm "Bucket of Boat Trash"

    Abigail Joyce Chan

    Thank you Ms. Kath! :) God bless you for being so generous! :)

  4. I wanted to order subway sandwiches on Subway. :D

    Abegaill Villacruz

  5. Restaurant : BREADTALK

    Foods that i want :
    Chocolate Cream Cheese
    Beckham n' Cheeze
    Double Trouble

    Name : Pepe Mariano Jr.
    Email Add : paarkum@yahoo.com

    Facebook URL : https://www.facebook.com/paarkum.mariano
    Facebook Share URL Link : https://www.facebook.com/paarkum.mariano/posts/10152867560939410

    Twitter URL : https://twitter.com/paarkum
    Twitter Share URL Link : https://twitter.com/paarkum/status/540187876089016320

    Instagram URL : http://instagram.com/paarkum

    Done Joining and Thank You for the Nice Giveaway Ms. Kath

  6. Banapple Pies and Cheesecake! I will order cakes and other sweets for my family!

    Name: Vanessa Grace C. Lim
    Email: vg_cruz@yahoo.com
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/vanslim
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/vanskyut
    IG: http://instagram.com/vanskyut

  7. My favorite restaurant would be Bizu!

    Mona Liza Verdida

  8. I love Cukay's Cupcakes. It will surely satisfy my sweet tooth.

    Cy Valencia

  9. I wanted to order WENDYS 1pc Fried Chicken, 2pcs Crunchy Spring Rolls and Spaghetti AIZA SAKALURAN aiza_pretty_17@yahoo.com https://www.facebook.com/aiza.sakaluran https://twitter.com/sexyaiza http://instagram.com/aizasakaluran/

  10. I want yo try all the food from two anyone!^_^

  11. Shakeys or TGI Fridays will do! :)

    Riyalyn Gatdula

  12. Banapple! Will order blueberry cheesecake (my fave) and mushroom and cheese pie! :)

    Name: Maria Corazon Letada
    Email: maricor.letada@gmail.com
    Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/mariacorazon.letada
    Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/coraletada
    Instagram URL: https://instagram.com/coraletada

  13. Subway's Spicy Italian sandwich
    Jackielyn Catalla
    fb: https://www.facebook.com/marykay.marilao/posts/682833378504051
    tw: https://twitter.com/jc_sprite_20/status/540742630775091200

  14. i want Tablea Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake and Fudge Walnut Brownie bar from Chocolat Deep Dark Chocolate Cake - MOA

    James Jason Romero

  15. I want to order at Mom and Tina's Bakery Cafe's Beef Stroganoff, U.S. Roast Beef, Chicken n' Chips and
    Breaded Pork Belly

    Maria Christina Gumatay
    Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/istin
    Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/istin21/
    Instagram URL: https://instagram.com/istin_21

  16. I want to take an order and try it at Subway
    Subway Sandwiches

    Lorna Mariano

    Facebook Share URL Link : https://www.facebook.com/keizylyn.mariano/posts/10152852118334004
    Twitter Share URL Link : https://twitter.com/KeizylynMariano/status/541589881927917569
    Instagram Name : http://instagram.com/keizylyn/
    Google+ Share URL Link : https://plus.google.com/113652525322101079661/posts/Q12gQ3EtMJi

  17. I want Banapple Pies and Cheesecakes deliver straight to our house and try their bestsellers
    The Hickory Smoked Barbecued Country Ribs,Banoffee Pie,Chicken Breast Parmigiano,Creamy Chicken Pie,Baked Creamy Cheesy Penne,Bacon Fried Chicken Steaks w/ Milk'shroom Gravy. =) =)

    Vernie D. Feliciano

  18. I will order pasta from TGIF
    Astra C. Alegre

  19. I'd order Trio of Sausages Fettuccine and Two Nut Caramel Cheesecake from Banapple! Perfect combination! :)

    Name: Tina Elaine Resuello
    Email: tinz_mendoza@yahoo.com
    Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/tin.resuello
    Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/tinaelainer
    Instagram URl: https://instagram.com/tinaelainer

  20. I love QUIZNOS I always order Classic Italian, Chicken Carbonara Double Cheesesteak and brownies!!!

    Marie Katrina Bronozo

  21. I would order Wendy's I am currently in love to their criss cross cheesy fries :) yummy!

    Name: Jeddahlyn Gonzales
    Email: iamjedagon@gmail.com
    Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/iamjeday/posts/1509806062637121?pnref=story
    Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/iamjeday/status/542761060764098560
    Instagram URL: https://instagram.com/iamjeday

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I’d like to order Baconator at Wendys
    Name: Rachelle Therese F. Gonzales
    Email: dimplesgon@yahoo.com
    Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/dimplesgon
    Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/dimplesgon
    Instagram URL: http://instagram.com/dimplesgon

  24. My favorite is CPK and I'll order Quesadilla, Original BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad, and Pepperoni Pizza.

    Name: Marizza Domingo
    Email: modomingo@yahoo.com
    Facebook URL: https://www.facebook.com/marizdomingo
    Twitter URL: https://twitter.com/jayjetarian
    Instagram URl: N/A

  25. love the Hazelnut Milk Chocolate drink from Chatime
    Kimberly Camille Tiu


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