FYI November 2014 Highlights

Sunday, October 19, 2014

     Hello dearies! I'm excited to share with you t.v. programs that you shouldn't miss this November. Aside from watching t.v. series, I'm hooked watching shows from lifestyle networks because they always offer something new and fresh to all the viewers. Have you heard of FYI channel? To tell you honestly, this is the first time I hear about FYI and when I visited their site, I've seen different television shows For Your...Inspiration, Innovation, Imagination. 

     I can say that FYI is our creating-tasting-traveling-designing-loving-life-network! Everything the word LIFESTYLE has to offer can be seen here :) To know more about FYI channel and their exciting line up of shows this November, click CONTINUE READING now!
FYI November 2014 Highlights
     fyi, is the first network of its kind for the modern world- an upscale inspiration engine that fuels what we call improvised living. 

    FYI is a contemporary lifestyle network for your inspiration, for your imagination or for your innovation that embraces an adventurous, personalised and non-prescriptive approach to lifestyle content. From the viewer's taste, space, look, journey and more- FYI covers a range of experiences that reflect how people actually live their lives today, not constrained by one passion or interest.

FYI November 2014 Highlights:

For Your Space 

     Unleash the creative potential of your home with a fiery new series. Red Hot Designs, hosted by fiery redhead Shasta Smith, the queen of up-scaling, an extremely talented artist and a celebrated interior designer, watch as Shasta and her team take on 2 awe-inspiring design projects each week. Premieres 28 Nov, Fridays at 9pm (SIN/HK).
FYI November 2014 Highlights
Red Hot Designs
Premieres 28 Nov, Fridays at 9pm (SIN/HK)
For Your Taste 

     From whiskey-laced, burger-stuffed lasagnas to donut casseroles to Jack and Coke cupcakes, the Epic Meal Empire team delivers recipes that are visually mind-blowing spins on food preparation and presentation. This new FYI series will follow the ingenious group as they invent spectacular new dishes, on a whole new "epic" level – premieres 20 Nov, Thursdays at 9pm (SIN/HK).
FYI November 2014 Highlights
Epic Meal Empire
Premieres 20 Nov, Thursdays at 9pm (SIN/HK)
Other highlights include:

For Your Journey 

     Bondi Vet S5 - Premieres 5 Nov, Wednesdays, 9pm (SIN/HK)
FYI November 2014 Highlights
Bondi Bet S5
Premieres 5 Nov, Wednesdays 5pm (SIN/HK)
For more information about FYI shows, schedules, full episodes and videos visit:
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