Press Release: Jessica Minh Anh to host the first fashion phenomenon at One World Trade Center

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

     Hello dearies! Another history in the making is going to unfold as Jessica Minh Anh will host another fashion phenomenon at One World Trade Center this coming June 25. Here's the story of what will happen two weeks from now. You are looking at the first ever fashion shot taken on the 63rd floor of the new One World Trade Center. The girl in the picture, who produces the most iconic catwalks on earth, is about to turn America’s tallest buildling into a fashion destination on June 25th, 2014. Overlooking New York’s famous skyline at sunset, Jessica Minh Anh’s multiculural Summer Fashion Show will celebrate the strength of the new generation. I'm also very proud to announce that a Filipino designer in the name of Puey Quiñones will showcase his premiere design on this one of a kind fashion event. Click CONTINUE READING for more details!
Press Release: Jessica Minh Anh to host the first fashion phenomenon at One World Trade Center
    The model turned entrepreneur will bring together an exquisite combination of Haute Couture, high end Ready-to-Wear, and active wear collections from different continents. Similar to her previous sky high catwalks, there will be a creative mix of simplicity and sophistication with a burst of colors, textures and dramatic flair. The current lineup includes Lebanese celebrity designer Ziad Nakad, Peruvian artist and public figure Norka Peralta, Spanish sensation Diego Cortizas of Chula, Indonesian lifestyle brand HAY UNITED, America’s very own accessory brand Cat Footwear, Russian talent Alina German, Brazilian jeweler Cristina Sabatini, and the Philippines’ pride Puey Quiñones. Each designer will premiere a special collection inspired by the symbolic location.
Press Release: Jessica Minh Anh to host the first fashion phenomenon at One World Trade Center
Gown designed by Puey
Press Release: Jessica Minh Anh to host the first fashion phenomenon at One World Trade Center
Pride of the Philippines Puey 
     “One World Trade Center is a global icon and is the perfect venue for a fashion show that celebrates designers from across the world.” said Jordan Barowitz, Director of External Affairs for The Durst Organization.

     To complement Jessica Minh Anh's extraordinary vision, New York based sound and lighting specialist Bentley Meeker will utilize theatrical fixtures to evenly light the highly anticipated catwalk. The artistic set up will cast the models' reflections against the octagonal glass walls as well as onto the smooth and polished 63rd floor of the Tower.
Press Release: Jessica Minh Anh to host the first fashion phenomenon at One World Trade Center
     Besides the flawless fashion demonstrations and high-tech setups, Jessica’s impressive hairstyle will be part of the attraction. Taking on the challenge is award winning Italian stylist Nunzio Saviano, who will complete Jessica’s signature look. Joining the creative process is American cosmetics brand Mehron equipped with their innovative line of celebrity favored products. 
Press Release: Jessica Minh Anh to host the first fashion phenomenon at One World Trade Center
     The red carpet event will welcome company directors and CEOs, country ambassadors and consulates, America’s influencers, international designers, and national and international press. To ensure a unique experience for the exclusive guests, Jessica Minh Anh has teamed up with French chef Sebastien Pourrat, owner of Cocotte SoHo to bring in the most exquisite cuisine and beverage collections. Sebastien will operate an open kitchen and create a special ambiance that matches the grandness of the event. 
Press Release: Jessica Minh Anh to host the first fashion phenomenon at One World Trade Center
     The official press conference will be held closer to the show at W New York - Downtown, where One World Trade Center can be seen at its best. “We are thrilled to be a part of this historic event” said Patrick Horstmann, General Manager. “W always offers insider access to what is new/next in fashion, and Jessica Minh Anh’s Summer Fashion Show definitely exemplifies that.” The event is also supported by Hollywood Banners and A76 Productions.

      On her decision to select America’s newest landmark for her next history making showcase, Jessica Minh Anh said “One World Trade Center represents determination, innovation, and ambition, which are the qualities I stand for as a young entrepreneur. Similar to the Tower, I strongly believe you’ve got to dig deep to rise high.” This principle seems to be consistently reflected in Jessica Minh Anh’s many international catwalks as she continues to reach new heights and claim the sky. Prior to hosting the world’s highest fashion show on the Grand Canyon Skywalk at 4,000 feet above the Colorado River in 2013, Jessica Minh Anh has hosted previous fashion phenomena’s on London’s Tower Bridge PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge at 44 and 175 meter high meters respectively. For more information about the show, please visit and

About Jessica Minh Anh
Model, entrepreneur and founder of J Model Management, Jessica Minh Anh first made history when she famously turned England’s iconic London’s Tower Bridge into the world’s newest catwalk at 44 meters above the Thames in 2011. With a vision which goes beyond imagination, Jessica has consistently made her marks around the world in just 3 short years by hosting fashion phenomena’s at the most extraordinary venues such as, PETRONAS Twin Towers’ Skybridge in Kuala Lumpur, Gardens by the Bay’s Skyway in Singapore, Costa Atlantica in Dubai, and the Seine in Paris.
In 2013, Jessica Minh Anh raised her profile to the sky with the world’s highest and most unconventional catwalk at 4000 feet on the Grand Canyon Skywalk. She was named ‘Global Fashion Mover and Shaker’ by Marie Claire, ‘Leader of the new generation of self-made entrepreneurs’ by Le Nouvel Observateur, and ‘Style Icon’ by Canale 5 Italia among many others.
Besides her exotic beauty and exceptional talents, Jessica Minh Anh is known for her passion in nurturing the younger generation through her inspiring internship program and interactive entrepreneurial workshops. Having successfully built her media arms across 5 continents and professional connections within 15 industries, Jessica Minh Anh is no doubt the No 1 representative of the thriving new generation.

About Puey Quiñones
• As a brand, PQ has established its reputation at a time when the market is prime to receive an ethical couture line
• As a lauded designer, there is no denying that Puey can provide exceptional creative direction for the brand
• As a company, everything is aligned for it to carry out the necessary activities to scale and grow the business locally and globally.

About One World Trade Center
At 1,776 feet tall, One World Trade Center is the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere. A joint venture by The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey and The Durst Organization, this building sets new standards of design, construction, and prestige, and heralds the renaissance of Downtown Manhattan. One World Trade Center is the newest icon of New York’s skyline and the most recognized and desirable office address in the world.

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