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Friday, October 25, 2013

     We have a new winner since Ms. Belinda Ibanez cannot make it tomorrow, and Ms. Jenny Esplana failed to email me today, the new winner and I hope can make it today is SHERY ANN. My apologies if I picked a new winner by the last minute ans she's no other than RAYCHEL RAMOS!

     While I was waiting for the scheduled time of our hair coloring session, I went to Netopia and draw a new winner- 30 minutes before 4pm to be exact and after sending Ms. Raychel an email and facebook message, she replied right away. So there you go, the final winner of the giveaway was Raychel whom I became my +1.

     Congratulations dear! I'll send you an email right now and PLEASE CONFIRM by 12 NOON TODAY I'll choose another winner once you failed to reply. Since the event will happen tomorrow around 4pm, I need to finalize my +1 before the day ends. Thank you so much for joining dears!!!

     If you still haven't joined my giveaways, you can join here: 2nd Year Anniversary Giveaway and October Member of the Month. Just click the link :) Good luck!!!


  1. Congratulations! Sooo lucky, she'll meet you so soon^^

  2. Thanks a lot sis <3 really had fun yesterday!! :) I super love my new hair color. what an early birthday present for me! really just in time as I really want to have my hair colored this weekend. hihi. thanks again. great meeting you! :)

  3. @Jo-an Victorio- thanks

    @raych- thank you so much too and it was great meeting you! hope you had a great time during the event :) See you soon!

    @miss cesa- thanks

    @Leilani Gamboa- thanks dear

  4. omg! sayang un mga unang napili na hinde nakacomply! good to know that the last winner replied asap.congrats miss raych!


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