Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event and Launch

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

     You can be young, and beautiful—forever. That's a Juenevie promise! Sounds pleasing to ears but I know some of you may doubt if this is achievable. If you'll ask me I can say that being young and beautiful is more than just the physical aspect. It's the combination of outside and inside. And nowadays, most individuals just focus on what's seen outside take for example you have beautiful and flawless skin but you look very tired or you have a very sexy body but your suffering from fatigue. Can you get the picture? This situation happens to every individual especially to those who have a busy city life. We're all STRESSED! Admit it, you are.  Don't let stress make you look ugly and feel old, set a day where you can have your Me Time. Do you still worry time? No time to go to spas and massage parlor? Worry no more! Because you can now relax at the comfort of your own home. If you're a long time follower of this blog, I'm sure you've read my post about JUENEVIE's press release a month ago. You can click the link to see the the list of their services and if you have time, book an appointment now!
   Anyway, I'm very fortunate to meet the lady behind the Philippines’ First Anti-aging Facial Home Therapies- JUENEVIE. I was invited to their bloggers'event and  lunch last July 11 at The Tivoli, Mandarin Oriental.
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event and Business Lunch 
     I like this media and bloggers launch because it's intimate and we had a chance to know each other more and exchanged with our ideas and concepts regarding Juenevie's advocacy. We all agreed that Filipinos have a culture of Pamper. We all love being pampered and that's one thing that Juenevie has to offer.
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch 
     Here's the beautiful lady behind Juenevie. Aside from her looks, she's very smart. The way she discussed things about this new venture on her life, shows her dedication and commitment to serve her clients with 100% quality service. Another thing that I like about the concept of Juenevie is their Treatment for a Cause. Some of their profits are gained not only by the company but also shared to their women employees. Think about women empowerment and Filipino women working just to sustain their own families. 
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch 
My picks from the tempting buffet selection of sushi, seafood, meat and vegetarian appetizers. I love eating salad and these greens really made my day! 
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch 
Roasted cerveza negra marinated pork belly from the trolley with red and green cabbage plus salami sauce- the bomb! 
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch 
My kind of drink- Ice tea FTW!
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch
Mont Blanc with rum anglaise and crumble- there's always room for desserts!  
     Sumptuous buffet was served and I enjoyed the food so much that I finished everything in my plate! But the most important part of this event was the great presentation of Juenevie to bloggers by the owner herself. To give you a glimpse of Juenevie, please take time to read an excerpt of their article.
     This June 2013, Juenevie Forever Young brings to you the most powerful, age-defying, wrinkle-reducing skincare technologies that guarantee young-looking skin that will bring your skin to youthful, effortless glow* in your own home, without the need for travel. Yes, you are right—this is all an at-home anti-aging facial treatments saving you the inconvenience of travel, time and effort. 
     Juenevie Forever Young’s has two focal treatments: Juenevie Light Facial Therapy and Juenevie Laser Facial Therapy. The skincare technology Juenevie has brought in the country treats periorbital fine lines and wrinkles (wrinkles around the eyes) and brings to you complete facial rejuvenation. Both machines used are FDA-cleared by USA and are endorsed by group of well-recognized dermatologists who are at the forefront of cosmetic laser treatments.Moreover, the Juenevie Light Therapy skin equipment used is a Premium Medical Device that is four times stronger than competitors’ products and the top of the line in the brand’s product range. It has been featured in TV’s “The Doctors”, in Vogue Magazine, and The New York Times, and has won the 2010 and 2011 New Beauty Magazine “Beauty Choice” awards.

     Juenevie Forever Young isn’t your usual facial and body care therapies. It does not encourage surgery to look young, but rather enhance the body’s own ability to build collagen and keep the skin supple. It is not only the innovative skincare tools that Juenevie has brought in the country, but Juenevie therapists have been trained for half a year prior to our opening this month in ESPA facial techniques. ESPA is known to train spa teams to the highest standards around the world and, with the professional-quality skin care tools, Juenevie delivers these award-winning technologies, with exceptional facial treatment sequences, to provide you an effective anti-aging skin care therapy. 

     In addition, the Juenevie Facial therapies techniques does not rely on science alone, but also includes spiritual well-being as our sequences first start with Chakra Welcome Ritual and combined with the Juenevie Lifting facial sequence where various crystals are used in tandem with a special wand to heal and eliminate negative energies and to encourage the goodness of the universe has to offer. 
     Beyond Anti-aging Facial Treatments, Juenevie has also selected for you a range of Massages to compliment the thrust of Juenevie to provide you with exceptional relaxation therapies. We mention two of our best-selling massages, the Signature 10 Culture Touch Well-Being Massage which has 10 massage techniques from 10 different massages to give you a blissful state of mental and spiritual relaxation while the Juenevie Aromatherapy Massage gives you a choice of (20) Essential Oils to choose from:
     Rose Oil, Lemon Oil, Sampaguita Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Peppermint Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Orange Oil, Lily of the Valley, Ginger Oil, Rosemary Oil, Gernaium Oil, Citronella Oil, Bergamot Oil, Patchouli Oil, Cinnamon Oils, Vetiver Oil, Jasmine Oil, Cedarwood Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Tea Tree Oil 
     Morover, Juenevie Forever Young also blends an exclusive line of its own massage oils for you to choose from for your treatment:
     Juenevie Verbena, Juenevie Coconut, Juenevie Bergamot, Juenevie Elemi, Juenevie Mandarin Orange, Juenevie Patchouli, Juenevie Jasmine, Juenevie Vanilla, Juenevie Ylang Ylang, Juenevie Lavender 
     As such, we are able to maintain the strict quality and purity of our oils because of the organic goodness they are derived from. 
     Juenevie Forever Young has also created packages for you such as the Ultimate Anti-aging Therapy (a combination of Light and Laser Facial Therapy), Romantic Bliss Package for Two, Pre-Cocktail Therapy and After-Cocktail Therapy as well as a range of Men’s Therapies such as the Juenevie After Sport, Juenevie After Office, Juenevie After Travel and the Men’s Anti-aging Facial Therapy. All products used are AHAVA products, which are marine-based and are paraben free.
      After eating lunch, Juenevie prepared a room for us where they set-up the place the Juenevie way! But of course, bonding with other bloggers and the owner itself made this event very memorable to me. I mean, I actually felt what Ms. Michelle wants to give their clients. Comfort at our own homes without worrying the hassles of time and travel. This showed her that she's gave importance to the pamper culture that we Filipinos have.
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch 
L-R(counter clockwise): Czary- ojt intern at moviestar, Roxy Santiago of Mr. Jacob's Mom, Mish Rendon of LBD & Onesies, Monika De Veas of Mom Gone Vain, Ms. Joy Felizardo of GASTRONOMY by Joy, Carol Ranas of AroundTheBuzzPh.com, Ms. Michelle Lim- Owner/Managing Director of Juenevie and Moi :)
     Here's a sneak peek of the room set-up that I'm saying awhile ago. Who wouldn't want to get pampered in our own home if you see and smell the relaxing aroma from Juenevie oils? I'm sure that I'll be relax after a day of stressful work both mind and body with this set-up minus the roses. If you want to have this set-up, they can arrange this for you by availing their Red Romance Bliss for Two. Perfect for wedding anniversaries and special occasions for you and your love ones. To see the list of services please click here: Be Forever Young with Juenevie.
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch 
So how about this setting placed in your own bed at home minus the roses???
Spell R E L A X A T I O N!!!
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch 
This is the set-up for their 80 Sun Stone Therapy. Some of their signature massages includes a body scrub using their exfoliant. Really good deal, don't you think?
     And because they want to infuse organic skin care products to their services, they have AHAVA and organic oils for their anti- aging facial therapy and massages. All the natural goodness that you can get from these products minus the chemicals from the regular stuff like parabens, silicone and the like is a great combination to the service/s that you're going to avail.
Juenevie Forever Young Bloggers' Event, Business Lunch 
They uses AHAVA, Pevonia (not in picture) and oils that they've concocted on their own. 
Juenevie Verbena, Juenevie Coconut, Juenevie Bergamot, Juenevie Elemi, Juenevie Mandarin Orange, Juenevie Patchouli, Juenevie Jasmine, Juenevie Vanilla, Juenevie Ylang Ylang, Juenevie Lavender 

     Thank you so much Ms. Joy Felizardo and Ms. Michelle Lim for inviting me to this event. I had a blast and learned so many things from media personalities and bloggers who graced the event. Truly, Filipinos have the pamper culture that will make us young and beautiful. Amidst the stressful everyday life, we still need to relax and the best way is to do this at the comfort of our home. No more excuses because Juenevie Forever Young is here and got your relaxation needs covered!

     Juenevie Forever Young may indeed be the next best thing that may have happened to Manila and those who love to be pampered – as we offer these therapies from Tuesday to Sunday from 4PM-2AM with last call time at 11PM in Makati and Taguig. We are on our way to expanding to the rest of Metro Manila soon.

     Please visit their website at www.juenevie.com 
Follow on twitter @Juenevie 
and/or call them at 0927 6876903 to schedule your appointment and inquire about creating a Special Anti-aging Facial Program for you. Mention this article and receive a 10% discount for your treatment!


  1. True! A lot of how you are inside, and how you look at life totally reflects how we look on the outside. :)


  2. I hope you had the best time here! The food looks delicious! <3 And I agree, it's best to not let stress get in our way to look our best! :)

  3. @Louise Ito- Yep, I had a great time.
    We need to stop stress talaga from making us feel weak and old.

  4. Oh my what an amazing feature. The food looks great and appetizing. Totally agree with what you have pointed out. Thanks.

  5. @Angela Ricardo- yep, everything is amazing and the Juenevie's advocacy is great too!


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