Product Review: Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder

Sunday, August 05, 2012

     I have a love and hate relationship with the weather lately. I love it because it made me and my son sleep better while the non-stop rain prevents me from doing errands outside the house. I don't like getting wet. Besides I really need to keep my self dry all the time so that I will not catch cough and colds. It's sick to be sick! Today I wanna share with you another review on skin care product that my sister gave me weeks ago. If you remember my post about Just sharing you'll see something that's use by babies and ladies with sensitive skin- baby powder. When I received this product from my sister I thought that this baby powder was for my son. She said that I have to try and make review of the product. I asked why and she just said that it can be a finishing powder for sensitive skin and for those who likes something natural/organic. I got intrigue with what she said so I decided to try this rice baby powder.

     I don't use finishing powder ever since. With bb cream and powder foundation, eyebrow powder, eyeliner and sometimes mascara plus lip balm or gloss then I'm good to go. I love the finish of my HG powder foundation but sometimes I really want something light for my skin. I also want to feel good about my skin that's why I'm putting less makeup these days. 

     Going back to the product, I know some ladies using Pigeon baby powder as their setting powder. I also read about Youngblood rice setting powder way way back but the price for me is a bit steep. So after reading the tiny leaflet about Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder, I was excited to try it out, it's also natural and organic so my sensitive skin has nothing to worry about. 
Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder
Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder
*Sweat Control*Hypoallergenic*Biodegradable*100% Talc-Free*100% Real Rice Grains*
Why is Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder a better choice?
  • Rice starch is often used as one of the ingredients in infant formula.
  • Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder is especially formulated using advanced technology which helps in repelling moisture and keeps the skin dry from perspiration.
  • Rice starch is biodegradable which makes it harmless even if inhaled unintentionally.
  • Rice starch contains natural proteins and amino acids that are essential building blocks for the skin.
  • Rice starch is clinically- proven hypoallergenic. Its soothing and softening qualities has been recommended by dermatologist for years. 
*Archives of dermatology and Venereology, 2002
Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder
This product is suitable for babies but I'm doing this review to test it on my skin. As you can see, I use my unbranded kabuki brush from landmark.

size: 50g (1.76 oz)

price: free (99.75 php Around $2.30+)

place bought: free (The Landmark Trinoma, Infant section)

instructions for use: Use a small amount, lightly sprinkle and smoothen out on baby's delicate skin.

I use this alone or as setting powder after bb cream.

ingredients: Rice Starch and Mild Fragrance

MY BARE FACE (get ready to see the ugliness)
Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder
Bare Face: Excuse the freckles, oilies, panda eyes and other imperfections.
Tiny Buds Rice Baby Powder
Used the powder ALONE: No concealer and moisturizer that's why you'll see some dryness on my nose, there's a bit of white cast but it's only the flash of my camera and from natural UV ingredient.

What I like:
  • It's natural and organic!
  • Talc-free and biodegradable.
  • The price is really affordable.
  • Keeps the oilies at bay.
  • There's a bit of powdery scent.
  • A little goes a long way.
  • No irritations or breakouts or whatsoever.
  • There's manufacturing and expiry date.
What I don't like:
  • Loose powder- a bit messy to apply.
  • You have to transfer the product in a sifter if you intend to use this as your setting powder.
  • There's a white cast because the protein and amino acids present in the product is a natural UV protection. We all know that UV products/ spfs can cause white cast on flash photography.
Will I repurchase? Yes! I'll also buy one for my son. I tried it on his back and it can really control the sweat.

     I give this a 4/5 rating. I like this product because it's natural/organic and I can share this with my son. But I'm still on the look for the real setting powder since I always use bb cream and I hate the white cast that it gives on photos. 

     What's your favorite setting powder?Any recommendations?Thanks for sharing!

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  1. Wow, rice powder! So it's kinda good for the skin right? I've never heard of this product before. I always slap on Johnson's baby powder on my face on lazy days, and i'm a little against talc being inhaled... so this would work as substitute. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hi, I am Mommy Michelle Jaguimit Namilit and I am Tiny Buds Mommy Power Dealer. Thank you for sharing your experience with our product. I have shared your review on my Online Shop at for others who want an insight and true to life experience with the product.

    I am using this powder on my baby girl and it is safe to apply on her genital area every diaper change because it is free from talc and other harmful chemicals that might cause cancer and infection. Good bye "amoy pawis".

    For those who are interested to try and buy Tiny Buds Rice Powder or other in line products. Please contact me at 09277330202 I give discounts and freebies. Thank you.

  3. Saw this at shopwise around 2 weeks ago. I bought one but I haven't opened it yet. Excited to use it.


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