Product Review: A Bonne Spa White C Salt

Saturday, November 26, 2011

     Hi dearies! I noticed that I'm soooo lazy these past few days and have long due posts waiting to be published. Methinks it's time to start reviewing on skin care products again. If you're a reader of my blog since August, prolly you'll know that most of my product review have been tried and tested by yours truly for more than a year. I think this time span is long enough to prove the effectiveness of one product. So now I'll share with you another great and cheap, should I say dirt cheap but so effective product. 
     Introducing *drum roll please* A Bonne' Spa White C Salt. This product is composed of fine-grained spa salt enriched with milk protein. This is an all-in-one skin treatment without causing irritation, it gently removes grime, sweat and pollutants from skin pores which cause body odor and reveals white, smooth and younger-looking skin. Scrubbing will improve blood circulation, giving your skin a healthy glow right after use.

     It contains MILK PROTEIN that helps skin to retain moisture, prevent dryness and roughness, giving skin lasting radiance and LEMON and PAPAYA extract to lighten tone, giving it a fairer and more radiant look.

size: 350g

price: 67.50php (Around $1.55)

place bought: Watson's Health and Beauty Store Sm Fairview

instruction for use: Pour spa salt on your palm and scrub gently on wet skin using circular movement. Leave it on for 3 minutes and rinse off with water. Continue your shower routine.

ingredients: Sodium Chloride, Bentonite, Kaolin, Dermawhite, Allantoin, Milk Protein, Lemon Extract, Papaya Extract

What I like:
  • The scent is citrusy with a hint of papaya that smells good and not overpowering.
  • Really does the job in exfoliating the skin. I see a glowing effect after use.
  • Skin feels soft after scrubbing. There's also suppleness and no need for lotion.
  • The price is really cheap!
  • There's a batch number, expiration date printed on the package.
What I don't like:
  • The scent doesn't last long on my skin.
  • The grains may hurt if you rub it directly on dry skin. 
Will I repurchase? Yes! This is a staple in my bathroom.

     I give this a 5/5 rating.  It's my HG body scrub. I really love this even though sometimes I get hurt because I scrub too much and put a lot of pressure on my hand while scrubbing. I love how it  really exfoliates my skin and I really can see the "libag" as what we call in dead skin in Filipino. If you want to have a gentle exfoliation, you can mix the scrub with bath or shower gels before scrubbing. I exfoliate 2 or 3 times a week only. I alternate this with Asian Secrets Lulur body scrub.

     Do you exfoliate during your bath time?What body scrubs do you prefer?Thanks for sharing!

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  1. I exfoliate using O.N.E. Naturales' Cherry Blossom body scrub. I love it for its calming and sweet scent that stays on my skin for quite long. But it doesn't do a great job with exfoliating dead skin though.. >.<

    I always see a lot of exfoliating body scrubs and salts at Watson's with outrageously inexpensive prices! Thought they might not work that well seeing how they're priced so I just ignore them. But I'll give A Bonne Spa White C Salt a try! ;) Thanks for this review.

  2. I saw that O.N.E. din kaya lang it's expensive for me. Sana ibalik yung sale para I can try it too. A Bonne is very inexpensive for me because the 350g pack will last me for 1 month. I exfoliate once or twice a week coz lagi naman ako sa bahay so I think I accumulate konting "libag" lang. hehehe :)

    Try this, if it's not for you ok lang siguro kasi it's cheap and will not waste a big amount.

  3. i like this, i feel like it's just normal salt. but the scent, sobrang bango.

  4. @Rae- yup!!! dati accidentally natikman ko yung scrub. salt talaga! but really smells so good :) Have you tried one na?

  5. I've used this before and I really love this body scrub. It left my skin soft and smooth with every use. But I prefer the the scent of the spa yogurt salt.

  6. @Style and Glow- Haven't tried the spa yogurt salt. I'm glad you like this too :)

  7. Already tried this product :) it does gave you a soothing feeling on your skin :) I love it most when it's rinsing time hehehe

    1. Hi Franchesca,

      Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  8. do you know how to spot a fake A Bonne Spa Milk Salt? I'm using the refill pouch also but there's no Superbrands sticker on it but there's an expiration date

    1. Hi Bacon,

      I'm not an expert on that. I always buy ABonne at Watsons that's why I'm sure I'm not getting a fake one. My apologies on this.

  9. I just bought A bonne spa white C and am curious if I can put it on my face? Thank you

    1. Hi Marian,

      This is not advisable for face. This is body scrub, the salt might be too harsh for the face.


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