Product Review: Nivea Visage Soft Facial Cleansing Wipes

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

     Sorry for the lack of post. After watching Breaking Dawn, Edward Cullen doesn't stop swirling on my mind so I forgot that I have to review some products that I purchased a week ago. 

     On to the review, this facial wipes is just a substitute to my favorite Neutrogena facial wipes that I've been using more than a year now. The SA said that Neutrogena is always out of stock these past few days. I have no choice, I ran out of facial wipes so I have to buy Nivea instead. This wipes can be used for face, neck and eyes. You can see on the upper left portion of the packaging the word INNOVATION meaning new soft fleece with intensively cleaning micro-sponges and because of this I'm sold.

     The new generation of Nivea Visage Soft Facial Cleansing Wipes with intensively cleansing micro sponges guarantee an extraordinary thorough yet mild cleansing. Effect: Thoroughly  remove all traces of make-up, purify and tone the skin in one step. Alcohol free, the new soft fleece wipes are also suitable for sensitive skin. Result: Deeply purified, your skin looks fresh and clean.  It feels soft and smooth. For every skin type/Ophthalmologically tested, skin compatability, Dermatologically approved
Nivea Visage Soft Facial Cleansing Wipes
Nivea Visage Soft Facial Cleansing Wipes
     By the way, I tested this for a week and I used this for removing my BB ream, eyebrow powder and eyeliner on my face. 

Nivea Visage Soft Facial Cleansing Wipes
Eyeliner on the upper left corner, BBcream on the middle, lipstick stain on the lower left . Sorry for the blurry pic.
size: 25 wipes

price: 52 php (Around $1.20)

place bought: Tickles, Trinoma

direction for use: pull out one wipe and gently cleanse face and eyes with the micro-sponge fleece. carefully re-seal the pack label after use.

What I like:
  • Soft to use and take off most of my makeup.
  • I only use 1 sheet for my entire face.
  • I can also use this in removing my eyeliner.
  • No irritation or breakouts or whatsoever.
  • It has a light powdery scent that is not overpowering.
  • Manufacturing and expiry date is printed on the packaging.
  • Affordable for a 25 pcs. wipes compared to other brands.
What I don't like:
  • There is no English translation in the Arabic text at the back of the package.
  • There is no product ingredients.
  • Not easily accessible, I need to go to Trinoma to buy this and it's a bit far away from where I live.
  • I need to wipe my eyelids more than three times to remove my eyeliner so I use baby oil first so I can swipe it only once.
Will I repurchase?Maybe Yes, If my favorite Neutrogena facial wipes is still OOS. 

     I give this 3.75/5 rating. As for removing dirt and makeup in my face this does the job but you still need to use facial wash to remove traces of makeup. Using this wipes is just an extra step so that your sure you cleanse your face thoroughly then follow your cleanse-tone-moisturize routine before hitting the sack. 

     Do you use facial wipes before washing you face? What brand do you use?

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