National Gifted Week 2019

National Gifted Week 2019 Kite Flying Event with Promil Four

Friday, December 20, 2019

     In this digital age, technology has shaped and changed our lives in so many ways. We are living in an era where learning and information are easily accessible in just one tap or click. These advancements make our life easy but it comes with pros and cons in every aspect of living. As a parent, I'm thankful that my son has developed fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination early because of his iPad and other gadgets at home.

     On the other hand, I'm worried now that he is becoming addicted to online games and the adult-child conversations and interactions have been limited unlike before that the parents of my generation taught us the importance of learning in physical play. Mommies and daddies, what childhood activity you miss the most? Is kite-flying one of your afternoon bonding moments with your family and friends? This tradition is still alive and Promil Four invited us last month to join the biggest celebration that aims to nurture the gift of every child- National Gifted Week 2019 Kite Flying Event. Sharing some highlights of the event and the importance of this activity in nurturing your child's gift.

National Gifted Week 2019 Kite Flying Event with Promil Four
Burnham Green Park- all set for the kite-flying event


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