Growrich VCO

Boost Your Immunity Daily with GROWRICH VCO

Sunday, January 31, 2021

     While virgin coconut oil is known as the world’s healthiest dietary oil, for some, there are issues in drinking VCO in its original form. It could be the taste or the texture of VCO, and exposure to air can result in the oil having a rancid taste, making it unpalatable. In cold weather, it could also harden or freeze.

     Introducing GROWRICH Virgin Coconut Oil Capsules, the first and only VCO in capsule form to be approved by the Food and Drugs Administration. GROWRICH Virgin Coconut Oil Capsule is the VCO you can easily pop into your mouth. Read more about the benefits of taking virgin coconut oil after the jump :)

Boost Your Immunity Daily with GROWRICH VCO


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