5 Ways to Refresh After a Hectic Week

Monday, November 18, 2019

     Working all day with a jam-packed schedule and heavy traffic can add to stress that you experience every single day. For many students and young professionals today, this is the reality that they have to deal with every day and it can be quite tiring and overwhelming.

     Don't you wish time will run faster than usual so that it will just teleport you into weekends where you can relax and recharge? However, as much fun as it is to spend Saturdays and Sundays by staying indoors, it’s even more rejuvenating and satisfying to enjoy a break outdoors. There are so many activities to do outdoors and I'm sharing a handful and two of them are my favorites!

5 Ways to Refresh After a Hectic Week

Join workout classes 

     Make time for yourself and get your body moving on your free days. There are numerous fitness studios that have popped up in the Metro that offer various workouts such as yoga, indoor cycling and rowing. Most of these gyms offer first-timer discounts so you can try something new each weekend and find the workout you love!

Reward yourself with a fun day out 

     Weekends are extra fun when spent with friends and colleagues. Whether it’s dining out, playing at the arcade, attending a gig, or enjoying a shopping spree, you can surely take some stress off your mind with fun activities and the company of your best buds. 

Discover new interests 

     It’s never too late to learn a new skill or pursue that passion you’ve always wanted to explore. Ever been curious about photography? Then bring out your camera and invite your friends for a photo walk. Or you can even try your hand at vlogging and share your daily interests because who knows you might be the next top local content creator! 

Join volunteer activities 

     Spend your weekends in a new environment, among some of the kindest people around. You can sign up with NGOs to participate in tree-planting or coastal cleanup activities. If you’re a pet lover, you can visit PAWS Philippines or Pawssion Project and play with the cutest and most adorable cats and pups. 

Go on a weekend getaway 

     With the holidays inching closer, you can already file those unused vacation leaves and plan those well-deserved travels. If you want to avoid the airport rush, you can arrange a road trip and spend quality time with the family by visiting local destinations. Anywhere you go and whatever you won't do, don’t forget to take a bottle or two of C2 Cool and Clean for that naturally refreshed feeling. 

5 Ways to Refresh After a Hectic Week

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