Human Stem Cell Extract: The Latest Breakthrough in Antiaging Skincare

Thursday, November 14, 2019

     Japan is known for being a leader of innovation which, naturally, encompasses skincare technology. And so last February 2019, Japan launched RE Placenta Essence Serum onto the market with the goal of “relieving the anxiety of ageing”. 

     This may sound typical. However, the synergistic power of a Nobel-prize winning component, high-quality placenta, skin growth factors, and top of the line beauty components has taken antiaging skincare to a whole new level. 

Human Stem Cell Extract: The Latest Breakthrough in Antiaging Skincare

What makes Re Essence unique?

     Aging and/or damaged skin is thin. This makes it wrinkly, dry, and prone to further wear and tear. RE Placenta Essence differs from plant-based serums for its capacity regenerate and replace damaged skin. While plant-based serums are effective in assisting the natural function of skin cells, the effects of UV rays, stress, and aging on the skin can technically be reversed because of the extensive self-renewal capacity of human type stem cells - making the skin layer thick and youthful.

More about the components of RE Placenta Essence on this page:

Effects of Human Stem Cell Extract

     The benefits of the sophisticated technology incorporated in RE Placenta Essence serum can be experienced through:
  • Scar removal: Watch your pimple scars disappear as cell production increases and exfoliation is accelerated.
  • Skin elasticity/antiaging: The protein-rich formulation of the high-quality placenta in Re serum and human stem cell extract fortifies your skin barrier and helps collagen formation for skin cell formation.
  • Skin brightening: With continued use, Re Serum regulates skin turnover which leaves you with smooth, young skin that is free of age spots and wrinkles!
Human Stem Cell Extract: The Latest Breakthrough in Antiaging Skincare

How to use RE Serum

For daily use:

     Apply a few drops of Re Placenta essence serum on clean skin and spread thinly with fingertips all over your face and neck. Use once or twice a day before layering on your moisturizer. Do not apply more than necessary as it may potentially over-exfoliate your skin. Top it off with your favorite moisturizer.

For scars: 

     You can use RE Placenta Essence serum as a spot treatment for pimple scars. Put on a layer over dry pimple marks/scars once or twice a day.

Where to Buy RE Serum?

     The patented formulation of RE Essence Placenta Serum is the first low-priced human stem cell extract serum.  A quality product selling only for 30% of the price of other human stem cell skincare brands, it is not surprising that Re serum bagged a Gold Monde award. It is certainly worth its claim.

Check out more details of this product from Blue Bee One! Go to this page.

What is the significance of a Monde Award?


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