The Perfect Out-Of-Town Baon this Holy Week

Thursday, March 29, 2018

     My family and I love to go on out-of-town trips during Holy Week. This way, we also get to de-stress and bond with each other. The kids love going out of town so much. They are more relaxed when they are with nature. 

     That’s why when we go out-of-town, we seek adventures by biking, trekking, and swimming. But this can be so tiring, especially for my high-energy kids! After, we’re all usually so tired that we end up eating an unsatisfying meal.

The Perfect Out-Of-Town Baon this Holy Week

     As a mom, I always make it a point to make a checklist of all the things my kids will need when we go out and one thing that’s always on top of my checklist is a baon that they can eat. My kids can never go on road trips without their baon! It gets harder though looking for food that they’ll like but won’t spoil easily. I want them to eat something healthy and delicious, too!

The Perfect Out-Of-Town Baon this Holy Week

     Good thing there’s San Marino Tuna Paella that’s so easy to prepare especially for someone who has to plan the entire family trip! The best thing about this it’s already a complete meal that has protein, vegetables, and Spanish paella rice that can easily satisfy my kids’ cravings and hunger right after a day spent going to different places. You can turn this into a different recipe as well. For example, I make tuna paella burger using this. See the recipe below :)

The Perfect Out-Of-Town Baon this Holy Week

San Marino Tuna Paella Burger

1 can San Marino Tuna Paella 
1 Eggwhite 
Fried Egg 

1. Just mix San Marino Tuna Paella with egg white, then form into patties and deep-fry.
2. Put fried egg, lettuce, tomato and onion in tuna paella patties.

The Perfect Out-Of-Town Baon this Holy Week
Tuna Paella Burger ingredients

     San Marino Tuna Paella comes in a 180 gram can! You can never have enough of it! So just in case my kids are extra hungry, I’ll bring one or two cans of San Marino Tuna Paella with our baon for our out-of-town trip.

To know more about San Marino Tuna Paella,
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